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any special offers/codes please for christmas presents?

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anniebear Mon 16-Oct-06 11:24:20

I used the LX Direct ones the other day! Fantastic

Does anyone have anymore?

Maybe we could keep this thread going and add any special offers or codes you know about over the next few months?

Twirl Sat 28-Oct-06 22:18:48

Sadly, I can't get the LX direct codes to work.

2pumpkin2pumpkin1 Sun 29-Oct-06 09:30:14

I subscribe to \link{}.

Can get some good codes (but plenty of spam too - easy to delete though).

2pumpkin2pumpkin1 Sun 29-Oct-06 09:30:59

sorry this .

I just thought I had the hang of linking!!!

anniebear Sun 29-Oct-06 11:08:25


thats a fantastic site

thank you so much

have just bought Baby anabelle for £19 instead of £35!!

(hopefully this one will be ok after the LX Fiasco lo)

firemaiden Sun 29-Oct-06 13:55:27

That site suggests if you spend £75 at ELC you'll get free delivery but I can't see this offered anywhere. Any idea how to activate it?

2pumpkin2pumpkin1 Sun 29-Oct-06 17:45:32

Some stores don't actually offer a discount AFAIKS - they just subscribe to the site as a form of advertising & link to their site - but never offer discounts. Some are very good (like ELC). I think delivery used to be free at ELC on all orders above £75 anyway - without a code - they are just 'advertising' this fact. Have just checked and it is now £100 - I think vouchercodes is just out of date. This is the first inaccurate example I have seen.

The way the site is supposed to work is that members send details of codes they find out about through other routes. E.g I have just had a letter with a code for 20% off at ELC until 24/11/06 - enter STAR at checkout. I should (and will) submit this to the site for everyone to see.

You can also let them know if a code is no longer valid etc. Will let them know that the free delivery one is inaccurate.

I think you would save more at ELC using the 'STAR' code for 20% discout anyway - especially if you plan to spend £75.

firemaiden Mon 30-Oct-06 19:23:43

PUMPKIN2, I didn't plan to spend more than £75 but ended up spending £125 . STAR discount made that £100 with free delivery so given I bought about 8 things and they are all useful/wanted presents, I'd agree that's a bargain!

2pumpkin2pumpkin1 Mon 30-Oct-06 19:34:25

Tis too easy with ELC - isn't it?

Going in store tomorrow (I like browsing) - lets see how much I spend (I have a old fashioned paper voucher so won't loose my 20% ).

isntbeingamummyyummy Tue 31-Oct-06 11:57:18

If you want photos printed on, type PUMPKIN in the offer box for half price 7x5 prints so they work out at 10p each.

LucyJones Tue 31-Oct-06 12:00:40

Boots are doing buy one get one free on their photo albums if anyone needs to stcok up for the Christmas photos

flustered Wed 01-Nov-06 23:08:18

HMV are offering a 15% Discount on CDs Games and DVDs. Enter promotion code WK8495, I have just used it buying a Santa Claus the movie 2 DVD.

bubblerock Wed 01-Nov-06 23:18:46

I always check if I can get cashback through quidco and if there is a voucher code on hotukdeals before I buy anything.

firemaiden Fri 03-Nov-06 22:13:47

anyone know any codes for Bright Minds? Seen some nice stuff but very overpriced

cece Fri 03-Nov-06 22:33:08

I also click through Rpoints too.

TAY0606 Sat 04-Nov-06 16:38:40

Hi - Just used the following LX Direct codes which have worked ZG0077 (£13.50off) and XX549 (10%+ free delivery). Saved a fortune. Good Luck! [grin}

fussymummy Sat 04-Nov-06 17:51:22

Just had email from Evans, they have 15% and free delivery until thursday.

anniebear Sat 04-Nov-06 19:55:20

do you need a code from Evans?

anniebear Sat 04-Nov-06 19:58:24

found it now! thanks

firemaiden Sat 04-Nov-06 21:21:48

TAY0606 - what shop was that?

anniebear Sat 04-Nov-06 21:37:09

its a catalogue, but you can look on line

a few of us had trouble with it, accepted the codes but we got charged the full amount

But rung them and got it changed

I got barbie telephones for my DD that were £25 and got them for £11.50 and a flashing scooter for £7.99 was meant to be £19.99!!!!!!!!!

I'm very happy!!!!

anniebear Sat 04-Nov-06 21:38:15

firemaiden Sat 04-Nov-06 22:06:47

Thanks. I'd better check it out - the scooter is just what we are looking for.

DingALongCow Sat 04-Nov-06 22:30:07

I used BT10 on and got 10% off , no minimum spend. I used it yesterday and the parcel arrived this morning (at my mums in the UK). To say I am impressed would be an understatement. Customer service is outstanding-they have a live chat option so you can access a customer service rep online immediately for any questions. They also have a Saturday courier delivery option and Royal Mail, which is fab as most similar sites only do courier delivery 9-5 on weekdays. have free UK postage on orders over £25 until the 22nd Nov with the code FREEPOSTNOVUK25.
They also have a special offer on small photobooks-Stylebooks. £5 off (so they are just £9.99) with the code MYFIRSTSTYLEBOOK. They also do very quick international delivery on photos (2/3 days to Switzerland) and personalised calendars in only 3 days more.

DingALongCow Sat 04-Nov-06 22:31:13

Forgot to add, the Stylebooks offer is only until the 14th November.

hoolagirl Mon 06-Nov-06 10:26:09

Toys r us, £5 off every internet order with code '123527'

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