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any special offers/codes please for christmas presents?

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anniebear Mon 16-Oct-06 11:24:20

I used the LX Direct ones the other day! Fantastic

Does anyone have anymore?

Maybe we could keep this thread going and add any special offers or codes you know about over the next few months?

hana Mon 16-Oct-06 11:32:24

elc has one for 20%| off code is SPACE

hana Mon 16-Oct-06 11:33:00

but is LX any good? they always look a bit dodgy to me....did you have a good experience?

anniebear Mon 16-Oct-06 11:35:47

well I haven't received the doll yet but did only order it yesterday!!!

I know plenty of others who have ordered. I thought it was just a catalogue like Kays, freemans etc?

lexiemum Tue 17-Oct-06 06:54:16

i received an LX order yesterday - delivered as per date given on invoice. another LX order expected at my mums today (ordered sun pm)

anniebear Tue 17-Oct-06 07:13:33

Lol, I am off to my Mums today to order off her pc also (LX Direct!!!!)

anniebear Tue 17-Oct-06 12:53:18

Baby Annabelle arrived today

dottee Tue 17-Oct-06 12:56:42

I bought a V-tech smile through LX a couple of years ago via a code I 'bought' off e-bay.

Console worked a treat, Code for 50p got £20 off and although I thought I was getting into something dodgy at the time, everything went well. LX discovered what was happening a while after but too late - I'd paid my invoice.

flustered Tue 17-Oct-06 13:58:21

Woolworths are doing 10% discount enter code WW1 and if you request to pick up from store delivery is free .

Twirl Wed 25-Oct-06 14:33:59

woolworths code is still working, i've just used it!

Gillian76 Wed 25-Oct-06 14:40:07

I just ordered with ELC - a couple of things for us and for my sister too. We saved £30!

JoPG Wed 25-Oct-06 14:53:47

I used an lxdirect code that I found on mumsnet and my stuff arrived fine - very pleased.
Will be checking out that ELC code!

mollymay Wed 25-Oct-06 23:37:29

just tried to use the ELC code and it won't let me!

Gillian76 Thu 26-Oct-06 08:57:58

Mollymay I used a birthday club code (BIG036). You could try it

Pinkchampagne Thu 26-Oct-06 11:07:29

£25 off £60 order with LX: ZQ4322
£10 off & free P&P on LX order: ZG9833
£30 off £60 order at Littlewoods: ZG1466
£10 off Vertbaudet order: 0903
£8 off Vertbaudet order & free P&P: 2098
40% off Vertbaudet order: 5432

bigfatbump Thu 26-Oct-06 14:48:47

I think I saw that BABY worked on elc, either 15 or 20% off. I was planning on trying it tonight, hope it's OK.

Marne Thu 26-Oct-06 16:09:14

I cant get the LX code to work it keeps sayinr 'eror on page'

Joceybean Thu 26-Oct-06 17:22:16

Littlewoods.com have sent me an email 20% off everything except electricals, and 10% off electricals. codes XX060 - 20% XX019 10%. Not sure if you need to have an account to use these though.

spooxooky Thu 26-Oct-06 18:30:16


childminderjanet Fri 27-Oct-06 08:33:11

baby definately gives you 20% off at early learning centre but these codes only work for so long before they change them, so get shopping

missd Sat 28-Oct-06 15:46:24

have a look on madaboutbargains.co.uk
she always has info on codes and offers.

madmarchscare Sat 28-Oct-06 16:02:16

STAR is another one for ELC

madmarchscare Sat 28-Oct-06 16:02:38

20% off that is.

foxtrot Sat 28-Oct-06 16:03:39

playmobil advent calenders

cornishpasty Sat 28-Oct-06 19:55:04

2 for 1 on photo calendars here. I got some for grandparents last year with pictures of my dc - they loved them. photocalendars

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