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Lego Duplo Princess Palace - anyone know if it's a good toy?

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flustered Tue 10-Oct-06 00:46:34

Has anyone bought the duplo lego Princess Palace? I am thinking of buying it for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas but I dread spending ?50 on it and she never plays with it. I have done this so many times in the past. She loves playing with little Noddy characters and dolls house pieces and is Princess mad. I can only find it online which means you can't have a good look at the contents, I wonder how much building is involved. Can anyone offer advice?

fortyplus Tue 10-Oct-06 23:26:17

I may be a bit out of touch but I reckon Duplo figures aren't realistic enough - buy Playmobil instead. If she's 4 already then she won't be interested in Duplo once she starts school - all her friends will be into Barbie (yuk!)Playmobil will be played with regularly till she's 7 or 8 - then will still come out occasionally up to about 12.

flustered Wed 11-Oct-06 13:07:49

Thanks for that, I will have a look at playmobil, anything that lasts till she's 7 is worth buying!

ninabean Mon 01-Oct-07 21:36:36


ninabean Mon 01-Oct-07 21:39:57

my four year old girl loved playing with the lego princess palace that a friend of mine has. Her children love it too. But then they always love other people's toys.
It is very easy to get going with and nicer to use than playmobile I think. Nice and big and lots of add ons - though that all sounds a bit off putting!! anyway I am also thinking of buying one for my daughter. How cheap can you get them.?

Othersideofthechannel Tue 16-Oct-07 20:27:05

We bought the Duplo dolls house for DD to complement some Duplo we already had. She is nearly 3 and loves it. She often plays with the people and furniture without the building.
DS plays with it a lot too. He is 4.7

Duplo stuff is really well designed with lots of lovely details. The dolls house even comes with an aquarium brick! (Transparent blue with fishes on it)

Agree Playmobil would probably have a longer life span for a 4 year old.

Bethanne Fri 12-Dec-08 20:47:48

I am searching for the duplo house set 4966 which seeems to be out of stock across Britain. Anyone know where I could locate it?

Pantofino Fri 12-Dec-08 20:52:18

We bought dd the Playmobil hospital for "St Nicolas". She was so happy but the thing took nearly 4 hours to put together and the bits are really fiddly. She is nearly 5 and I think they are really still too small for this age group. I'd toyed between buying the big Barbie House or Duplo Belle ville (as i think it is called in belgium). Actually with the benefit of hindsight, I would have gone with either of the other 2 rather than the Playmobil.

mariac1 Sat 18-Sep-10 15:16:55

Can you tell me which site you saw lego dulpo set as i would like it for my daughter !

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