Why is a clementine put in a Christmas stocking?

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Numberfour Wed 23-Dec-09 12:43:22

I grew up in South Africa and we did not have Christmas stockings as kids, but of course my DS has one.
I have always wondered why the tradition of a clementine (and chocolate coins) in the stocking??

Does anyone know how this tradition originated?

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purpleturtle Wed 23-Dec-09 12:47:02

I'm sorry I don't. But DS1 put a specific request in his letter to FC not to have a squishy orange this year! grin

(Think I'll wrap it in bubblewrap, or put it in a box)

hocuspontas Wed 23-Dec-09 12:50:35

My three teenagers insist on a satsuma in their stockings, even going as far as writing to Santa one year when he forgot. blush

But I don't know the origin, sorry.

mustrunmore Wed 23-Dec-09 12:54:21

Because in true Dickensian fashion, you could only afford fresh fruit like that as a treat at christmas. Satsumas were the games consoles of the victorian era grin

CherryChristmasEveryone Wed 23-Dec-09 12:54:47

we have a satsuma rather than a clementine! no idea why, we always did as children and have carried on the tradition

HeffaMerryChristmas Wed 23-Dec-09 12:54:50

I didn't know it was a tradition blush I thought my mum just put them in there so that I had something healthy to make up for all the chocolate.

norksinmychristmasstocking Wed 23-Dec-09 12:58:23

reason for gold coins and oranges smile


mustrunmore Wed 23-Dec-09 12:58:38

Oh and the coins stem from the tale of santa leaving gold coings in the stockings of a girl who was poor and her Dad couldnt afford a dowry. She left her stockings to dry by the fire and he put them in there in secret, because the man was too ashamed of being poor. I cant remeber what country or any more details of the story tho. You can prob embellish it yourself!!

santa always used to give me a pack of batteries too grin

mustrunmore Wed 23-Dec-09 13:00:03

Lol, I typed too slowly! And apparently missed out 2 daughters hmm Didnt know about the coal tho norks. I thought coal only came into play during first footing.

Numberfour Wed 23-Dec-09 18:56:45

thanks, everyone!! satsuma for DS it will be, then (if i can get to the shop tomorrow - may have to be a squishy pear!)

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