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Help! Any ideas where i can get an Angel Costume for a BOY?

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Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 22:51:51

Hi, so Woolies did a great one last year, but tis no longer. Kind of antique ivory tunic with matching trousers underneath, and small gold fabric wings sewn on back.

No one on here knows the one i'm talkin and would sell it to me by the way??! Yeah, i know it's a long shot, but i might get lucky!
My ds is 4 (but i'd take pretty much any size if someone had it!)

Or else, could anyone point me in right direction.

I've been trawling t'internet for the past hour to no avail.

What do other boy angels do?

many thanks

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 22:53:30

talkin about i mean

Quadrophenia Mon 17-Nov-08 22:54:31

aren't they unisex???

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 22:56:52


Mostly they look like fairies or princesses.

Not at all appropriate for a boy, obviously!

He's supposed to be Gabriel i believe

serin Mon 17-Nov-08 22:57:56

Could you cut up an old sheet and make a long tunic tied with a rope (or curtain tie-back). Then add some wings?

Or for a really masculine image just wear some wings over his karate suit!!

Quadrophenia Mon 17-Nov-08 22:58:44

really? our school provides costumes so i don't know much about kitting out children. Could you not buy a long white t shirt and then make some wings with tinsel round the edges, can you tell i'm not creative? grin

brokenrecord Mon 17-Nov-08 22:59:17

I think a boy last year wore some kind of breastplate which gave it a more macho look. Worked really well IMO.

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 22:59:45

smile lol karate suit

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 23:03:01

mmm breastplate that sounds interesting.

What was underneath?

Yeah quad
this is what am thinking!

Could look a bit bodge it and scarper though, no offencewink

Quadrophenia Mon 17-Nov-08 23:05:50

ahh but bodge it and scarpers are just the best, nothing better than a wonky halo, i love the home made costume effect much better than this shop bought malarky.

Fimbo Mon 17-Nov-08 23:07:35

Could you adapt this. Tinsel round the head for example. H & M sell cheap wings

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 23:09:01

i do know what you mean actually

Fimbo Mon 17-Nov-08 23:10:08

Clutching at straws?????

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 23:10:47

Thanks Fimbo. That's a possibility definitely!

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 23:12:20

smile i've been on this site too!

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 23:18:01

Thanks for the input ladies!
So kind of you

LittleFairySmile Mon 17-Nov-08 23:20:16

Like the breastplate idea - how about this with wings, to look like Ben Affleck in Dogma?

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 23:23:39

Brilliant! I love it! Fantastic.

Thanks LFS. Genius

LittleFairySmile Mon 17-Nov-08 23:25:45

Was brokenrecord really!

tatt Mon 17-Nov-08 23:28:04

at our primary school boy angels had sheet tunics like the girls, but without the tinsel [simile]

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 23:28:27

Well, thank you both.

LittleFairySmile Mon 17-Nov-08 23:28:37

Was brokenrecord really!I like the look of these wings! Quite macho!

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 23:31:02

I'm probably making too big a deal of it

but i have the feeling it's the type of school where the costumes are seriously good.

More importantly though, i want him to feel good/pleased with it, and not feel he looks like a girl!!

Bertolli Mon 17-Nov-08 23:32:32

wow. and only 2 quid! bargain.
i love it when a plan comes together!

brokenrecord Mon 17-Nov-08 23:42:37

LFS - yes - that was the kind of thing. I think he had refused to wear the outfit they had for him and they'd had to butch it up a bit. grin

In fact, I think the thing he had on was huge - super macho!

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