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Bloody Tesco and their Hudl's

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serin Sun 24-Nov-13 13:12:44

We saved the points converted them with boost thingymajig and low and behold I cant track down a Hudl now.

Every branch in the North West seems to be ou of stock. sad

It's not for Xmas, it's for the 13yr olds birthday next week.

If anyone knows somewhere that has had a delivery I would be very grateful.

Cheers Tesco.

penguinplease Sun 24-Nov-13 13:47:07

Can't you buy it online for store delivery??

serin Sun 24-Nov-13 15:03:48

I am not sure? I cant make head or tail of their instructions anymore. there seem to be lots of exclusions if you are paying with vouchers.

Certainly yesterday, none of the customer services staff said this was possible.

ClaimedByMe Sun 24-Nov-13 15:05:30

My friend ordered one online, paid with her doubled up vouchers then collected it in store.

Had a quick google and it seems that you can order online

JaquelineHyde Sun 24-Nov-13 15:10:35

Go on to Tesco Direct and add whichever one you want to your basket.

Go to pay and your vouchers will appear automatically with the double up applied.

You then select the vouchers and the amount comes off your total.

When you buy online you can then have it delivered to your local store and go and pick up 48hrs later.

I've done this for 2 Hudls and had no problem at all.

Good luck.

KatyMacWho Sun 24-Nov-13 15:18:38

I love that the vouchers appear automatically now (hated typing them in)

DD loves her Hudl!

penguinplease Sun 24-Nov-13 15:27:20

Sorry I should have explained, I ordered online, collected in store. No problem. Hope you get it sorted

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Sun 01-Dec-13 15:45:03

Sorry for bringing this up again

We've told ds2 he can buy a hudl using our vouchers of he pays the cash part out of his birthday money.nits his birthday today so couldn't do it earlier.
It's showing as out of stock on the direct site.
We wanted to know if there were any in store anywhere locally but we can't work out how to find that out.
Or are they all sold out absolutely everywhere.
I can't seem to buy it online to collect in store either. Am finding the website really weird to negotiate.

KatyMac Sun 01-Dec-13 21:55:37

I can't see any on-line - sorry

Can you reserve one for when they come back in?

sarsiem Sun 01-Dec-13 23:37:29

Maybe being a little cynical here but I wonder whether Tesco are trying to create demand by having them unavailable and then suddenly they'll be back in stock?

ProphetOfDoom Sun 01-Dec-13 23:41:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ProphetOfDoom Sun 01-Dec-13 23:44:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PigletJohn Mon 02-Dec-13 00:05:17

seems to be out of stock for online ordering, but I saw a pile of them in my local store on Friday evening.

I think it would be safest not to convert your vouchers until you are in the shop and have one in your hand, though.

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Mon 02-Dec-13 08:03:06

Dh is in a town with an extra today so he's going to have a look to see if they're in stock
Only problem is I don't want to boost my points for Instore in case they aren't in stock.
So he has to go check, rush back to his office to print out the boosts that I'll have sent him, then rush back and hope they're still in stock.

I tried ringing the number for that store but they said due to demand for hudls, please go on the website to find your closest extra store. So the only way we'd an find out is by doing what I've said above as we live nowhere near an extra store.

It's a fucking stupid system.

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Mon 02-Dec-13 08:04:12

He does have to have them printed out doesn't he?
Problem is they're on my clubcard, he doesn't have one and when he left the house for work this morning he didn't know he was going there.

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Mon 02-Dec-13 08:05:56

Sorry also how do I get alerts? Can't see anything on the site that I can tick or click on or anything.

nextphase Mon 02-Dec-13 08:10:07

It might be easier for him to take the paper vouchers (undoubled) and your clubcard with him to work tomorrow, as then he can double up at customer services.

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Mon 02-Dec-13 08:12:09

Annoyingly he's not working there tomorrow as far as we know.
If I don't get anything sorted today though I will send him like that just in case. Must print out the vouchers I do have.

sophiewophie Mon 02-Dec-13 08:21:21

Buy it outright in the store that has them in stock, take to your local store for refund. Buy back using your vouchers ;)

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Mon 02-Dec-13 08:32:50

I'm liking your thinking Sophie grin

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Mon 02-Dec-13 15:27:56

They didn't have it in stock anyway

ImNotReallyHere Mon 02-Dec-13 16:10:50

I've just been on the phone to tesco - my clubcard vouchers were stolen 2 weeks ago by hackers and have phoned daily trying to get them back. Anyhow, I complained to the lady that they have taken so long dealing with my case that Hudls are now out of stock online. She said that they were going to come back in stock in tesco extra stores but not online before Xmas. Tbh I'm so hacked off by tesco and can't see me getting any refund this side of Xmas - think I might buy a kindle fire for dd instead

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Mon 02-Dec-13 16:13:00

After Christmas isn't any help if you're boosting your points
I'm getting tempted to just get him something else instead.

ImNotReallyHere Mon 02-Dec-13 16:20:32

I know! Keep explaining that I had saved the vouchers for DCs Xmas presents - getting them back in January is not much use.

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