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What does your 17 year old Boy want for Xmas?

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MogandMe Sun 11-Dec-11 16:24:01

Any ideas for a 17 year old boy?

EllenandBump Sun 11-Dec-11 16:37:07

An x box or playstation game? or x box or playstation? Better still offer to get them their PROVISIONAL driving licence (careful not to say just driving licence or you may find that this christmas becomes very expensive ie paying for all the driving lessons and tests until they pass "because you said youd get me my licence), then they can spend their christmas money on driving lessons instead of spending it on useless junk non essentials. It also gives relatives something to but - a driving test book etc.

wfrances Sun 11-Dec-11 16:37:24

galaxy android phone
ps3 games
james patterson book

mrssevenrealm Sun 11-Dec-11 16:38:22

If he's into xbox 360 Microsoft Points are a good bet. But hey, cash is King! Are you buying for a relative?

amerryscot Sun 11-Dec-11 16:44:34

I have an 18-year old boy that I am struggling to buy something 'special' for.

I find that things like shower gel/after shave kits are well appreciated, as are hat/scarf/glove kits.

Vouchers/gift cards are also very well appreciated. I got my eldest son (19) an H&M gift card last year which he was really happy with.

I am very reluctant to buy a new Wii or computer game as I want him to dedicate his spare time to studying for A-levels.

I think adult boys appreciate the same things that we do - smellies, certain stereotyped clothing, a good book. They don't need 'toys' anymore.

BrigitBigKnickers Sun 11-Dec-11 17:59:25

Try Firebox Lots of cool stuff

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDoom Sun 11-Dec-11 23:33:58

I have a terrible time getting my 17 yr old DS to ask for anything confused but this year has been saved by the new Zelda game coming out. He actually agreed that he would like it! this is nothing short of a miracle and then he's getting a T shirt with an apt slogan, his own weight in Werther's Originals boak and two Pot Noodle gift sets (from Tescos) with one of those twirling forks and a big mug in. He's also getting a snuggie blanket with sleeves grin just because I can...

lisaro Sun 11-Dec-11 23:34:45

Holly Valance, apparently.

OryxCrake Mon 12-Dec-11 00:26:14

Mine wants a Kindle. So that means relatives can get him a cover, Amazon vouchers etc. His grandad has got him the Skyrim game. Stocking (yes, still...) is pants, socks, smellies, chocs etc.

TheCatInTheHairnet Mon 12-Dec-11 00:27:39

Sex. Lots and lots of sex......

Sorry. Couldn't resist!

DandyDan Mon 12-Dec-11 12:51:05

Skyrim, Pot Noodles, t-shirts, posters for room, new Christopher Paolini book.
Then all the regular bits and pieces for a stocking.

itsstartingtofeelalotlikexmas Mon 12-Dec-11 12:54:07

I hear Caroline Flack is every 17 year old boy's dream this xmas

EllenandBump Wed 14-Dec-11 17:53:13


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