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Mary Berry's Christmas Cake kit in a bag. Any good?

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2kidsintow Wed 30-Nov-11 20:42:54

Hope so, they were half price in Tesco today so I grabbed one on impulse after quickly reckoning whether it was actually cheaper to get it in the kit or not.

I don't think I have any brandy left and although I bought a large pack of ready to roll icing, I hadn't yet got any marzipan and did fancy a royal icing cake this year - and that is all included in the bag, so I think it does work out a good deal.

I know that Delia's similar thing has had some good reviews and am hoping that MB's are as good.

reastie Wed 30-Nov-11 20:44:36

Can't comment on the mix but I usually make MBs christmas cake recipe every year and it's delish

JC1204 Sun 11-Dec-11 09:49:34

I'm really pleased with mine, looks and smells delicious, follow the recipe and it works our fine

Summersoon Sun 11-Dec-11 19:41:47

I have baked the cake according to MB's recipe for years and it always comes out fab! You do need to feed it with brandy though at this point you can probably only do this once before marzipanning and icing.

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