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What kitchen gadgets do you recommend as gifts

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yellowflowers Fri 11-Nov-11 22:48:05

I like to get dh kitchen gadgets - not electrical ones but things that help with cooking. Good ones in recent years have been:

Heavy ice cream scoop
Meat tenderiser
Recipe book holder
Sugar thermometer
Posh garlic crusher

Any ideas for others I could get him? What gadgets do you think are good?

Lakeland pineapple thing, gets the entire contents of a pineapple out no chopping, very little mess

yellowflowers Fri 11-Nov-11 22:53:02

I think we have one of those in cupboard never used from my parents

We use ours all the time!

WhatWouldLeoDo Fri 11-Nov-11 22:54:00

Blow torch?

Whereas we were given a blowtorch years ago and it only gets used when we've run out of matches to light the woodburner.

yellowflowers Fri 11-Nov-11 23:00:12

We got blowtorch for our wedding. It's still unused. Ooops

PelvicF1oorOfSteel Fri 11-Nov-11 23:01:46

A really, really good potato peeler. We had one which peeled butternut squash and things with really hard skins no problems, unfortunately we lost it. I've tried to find a replacement but never got one quite as sharp or efficient. It was a present so I don't know where it came from. sad

FizzyMakeFeelNice Fri 11-Nov-11 23:03:46

PFOS, I have a really good potato peeler, which also peels butternut squash. 36p from ASDA blush

PelvicF1oorOfSteel Fri 11-Nov-11 23:07:23

Ooh, we don't have a local asda but I might have to go and find one! I think our replacement is from morrison's and it's not the same. smile

PerAr6ua Fri 11-Nov-11 23:12:18

I treated myself to a wet and dry grinder from Lakeland a couple of weeks ago, as my old coffee grinder died.

So I unpacked it, washed it, ground some coffee - perfect.

Looked at the bunch of basil dying in the fridge. Toasted some pinenuts, chucked them in the grinder with the basil and some oil - bingo, fresh pesto for lunch.

DS wanted hummus for supper. QUarter of a tin of chickpeas, sesame oil, garlic, bingo.

I've never used a gadget so much... I've shocked myself... It's supposed to rust in the cupboard after the first day isn't it...?

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 11-Nov-11 23:16:03

I am thinking of a blowtorch for DH and also a mezzaluna thing for doing herbs (we have a lot of rosemary)

PerAr6ua Fri 11-Nov-11 23:21:33

"I am thinking of a blowtorch for DH". hmm

SHould you be posting in Relationships Olivia? [concerned face]

Mezzaluna gets used a lot in our house. The Titan peeler from Lakeland is very good <<nurses finger tip>>.

Decent nutcrackers and a big bag of nuts?

DilysPrice Fri 11-Nov-11 23:32:18

Good Japanese knives.

4ForksSake Sat 12-Nov-11 08:14:18

a scrudle from lakeland, in fact get the lakeland catalogue & if you're like me, you could probably buy most of the shop smile

I really like this tin opener Mixed Reviews Though

attheendoftheday Sat 12-Nov-11 09:58:02

I'm with Dilys, a good set of knives would be lovely present, but could be pricey.

LordOfTheFlies Sat 12-Nov-11 10:10:37


It is really unlucky to give someone knives as a present!!
Give them a gift voucher and tell them to buy their own knives!

Disclaimer: I am stupidly superstitious but I have no idea why the knives are bad.


I would add good serving spoons or really nice tea-spoons/coffee spoons (where do they go)
John Lewis have nice ones with a heart shaped bowl or ones with a twist at the top.

I'd love a blowtorch for creme brulee (burned myself on hot sugar until grill. Ouch)

DilysPrice Sat 12-Nov-11 10:12:38

It's not unlucky to give knives if the recipient gives a payment in return, a pound coin will do, or a kiss.

LordOfTheFlies Sat 12-Nov-11 10:21:07

Aaaahh. Actually my mum gave me some really good knives in self sharpening holders.
I thought she was trying to kill me off (but she's not superstitious at all).
I didn't give her anything in return though, they were a housewarming gift.

(I'll send her a pound) grin

Marne Sat 12-Nov-11 10:28:09

I'd like a blowtorch too (but would end up eating to many creme brulee smile

Would also like Knives like these

A pestle and Mortar?

double ended spatular ?

A good potato masher?

Nice Over cloves?

Taffeta Sat 12-Nov-11 10:33:58

Microplane grater. They are the dogs.

Potato ricer - no more lumpy mash.

These are my go-to kitchen gadgets of the last few years. Sort of thing you wonder how you did without before.

QOD Sat 12-Nov-11 10:46:36

apple peeler corer slicer. EVERYONE is obsessed with mine!

I have the one with suction pad on base though

LordOfTheFlies Sat 12-Nov-11 10:53:26

YY to microplane grater- they are flippin brilliant (but I haven't bought a guard, so mind the fingers)

And YY to potato ricer. I used to mash my spuds and pass through a sieve (too much time on my hands but I can't do lumps)

Silicone oven gloves- DH doesn't like them, he finds them slippery , but I love 'em

JML halogen mini oven. Great for cooking yorkie puds seperately, high temp and because it's glass, you can see them without opening the door.

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