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Anyone else have something already broken that needs taking back to the shops tomorrow?

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cheekster Fri 25-Dec-09 20:53:05

Was really hoping that it wouldnt happen again this year, but DS's Buzz Lightyear is broken sad

MUTTletoe Fri 25-Dec-09 20:56:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TipsyFairydifferentID Fri 25-Dec-09 20:57:01

how was it broken?

MerlinsBeard Fri 25-Dec-09 21:04:32

Was it broken when you opened it? or has it been broken during play?

BarbieLovesKen Fri 25-Dec-09 21:04:35

Santa bought a "baby annabel" cot for dd's doll.

It is missing canopy, musical thing, all bedding and insert to cot. (that is stated is included in contents)

Basically just plastic circle and legs. sad

Dunno how that happened.

MissMoopy Fri 25-Dec-09 21:20:14

sodding butterfly Barbie, shoddily built, hard to put together and now one of the bloody wings is broken!! not taking it back, it will just make me cross, so i will just have to fix it. feeling hate towards toy manafacturers generally today for making crappy plastic so expensive! And waitrose for making horrid xmas pudding! But apart from that have had a very lovely xmas day smile

cheekster Sat 26-Dec-09 21:21:12

Ive only gone and lost the reciept though havent I!

I bought from Tesco, do you reckon theres still a chance i could exchange. I still have the box etc, it was broken when we opened it.

clayre Sat 26-Dec-09 21:24:07

my dad bought dd a HSM alarm clock in when he was in London from Hamleys, it is broke, dunno how we're gonna return it

jabberwocky Sat 26-Dec-09 21:26:20

DS2 has already broken part of the wing off his remote control helicopter It was his absolute favorite/biggest Santa gift.

Butterfly99 Sat 26-Dec-09 22:10:02

The Disney Store left the security tag on my ds's club penguin toy angry, which was a stocking present which I bought in november and just hid away and not sure if I still have the receipt. And I don't have a Disney store that local to me.

andirobobo Sat 26-Dec-09 22:24:23

clayre - go on the Hamleys website - we had a problem with a £5 toy from there a couple of years ago and they sent us a pre-paid returns label and sent out a replacement toy - great customer services!

ISawTortoiseFuckingSantaClaus Sat 26-Dec-09 22:27:32

Doubt i can return it but, DS2 broke the chain from his Man U necklace.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Sat 26-Dec-09 22:32:22

One of DD's big Lego sets has quite a few missing bricks.

monkeyfacegrace Sat 26-Dec-09 22:39:40

Butterfly, you just need a really strong magnet and you can remove the tag yourself.

clayre Sun 27-Dec-09 12:59:07

thanks andirobobo i will have a look

pipsqueak Sun 27-Dec-09 13:37:59

bloody go go hamster i queued for for ages conked out o n boxing day ---grrr!!

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Sun 27-Dec-09 14:07:48

Our Gogo hamster conked out as well but we put a new battery in and it was fine. Have you tried changing the battery? (sorry if its a stupid question).

Then DD had it on the carpet and it really gets carpet fluff in its wheels and up inside that stops it from going. DH had to take it apart and defluff it. DD is now under strict instructions that its to be in the house or kitchen floor only.

NorbertDentressAngel Sun 27-Dec-09 14:11:07

A Transformer that broke the second it came out of the box hmm.

If I'd known what crappy plastic it was I wouldn't have suggested it as a present that my Mum could get for DS. If it was a £ shop toy I wouldn't mind but it was about £10.

EVye Sun 27-Dec-09 14:42:35

go go hamsters only have 'try me' batteries. you will need to replace with new ones.

pipsqueak Mon 28-Dec-09 10:19:33

thanks for responses - have chnaged the batteries a nd tis still a dead hamster !!

SweetNiblets Mon 28-Dec-09 10:31:16

DD's Pictureka Flipper game turns but the cards get stuck and won't flip. DS's Dad in SShh Don't wake Dad game doesn't snore sad

LilySwalLoosHerTurkeyBaster Mon 28-Dec-09 18:52:55

another one with a dead go go hamster here too angry

CardyMow Mon 28-Dec-09 20:56:28

For the don't wake dad's snore, try new batteries? My worst one is a 'time shock' game from Hawkins Bazaar that came with 2 pieces in one shape, and none in another. Wouln't mind so much, but we only get a seasonal shop locally, which shuts on Christmas eve, so I'm going to have to make a 30 mile train Journey to get it sorted. angry.

sb6699 Mon 28-Dec-09 21:06:31

DS got a proper remote controlled buggy. One of the ones that runs on fuel with an engine and all the gadgets. Cant get it bloody started although I suspect its just because we dont know what we're supposed to be doing rather than because its broken blush

DH's mate taking it to a model shop tomorrow to ask him to check it over - will probably have to pay a fortune for the priviledge.

butterscotch Mon 28-Dec-09 21:21:16

We got DD a keyboard with microphone in Mothercare/els ages ago when it was on special and the microphone doesn't work not sure where the bloody receipt is so i'm going to take the mic and box back and hope for the best hmm

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