how long will a 5kg goose take to defrost???

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CherryChristmasEveryone Fri 18-Dec-09 17:43:22

i am getting it on tuesday, ready frozen and having never had goose before, i have no idea how long it will take to defrost, also no idea where i am going to put it to defrost, no room in fridge

Rosie29 Fri 18-Dec-09 18:32:13

If it is for Christmas day then you don't need to worry about putting it in the freezer once you get home. Take off any packaging if you can (sometimes it is frozen to the bird and you have to wait for it to thaw a bit), and put it in a dish in the fridge. Check it on Christmas Eve to see if it has defrost properly (inside and out). You can take it out of fridge on Christmas Eve evening to 'come too' if it's going in the oven Christmas Day a.m.

Rosie29 Fri 18-Dec-09 18:33:15

Sorry just saw the bit about no room in fridge! Perhaps you have a shed or somewhere outside where you can keep it? Fox and dog proof of course!

CherryChristmasEveryone Fri 18-Dec-09 18:36:33

i have the shed where my electric cupboard is, but the top is open (is built into my porch) and its full of spiders

Rosie29 Fri 18-Dec-09 18:39:34

A cold spare room?? Conservatory?
< Rosie hopes you live in a mansion full of unused rooms >!

CherryChristmasEveryone Fri 18-Dec-09 18:54:08

i wish rosie! i have a 3 storey, 3 bed house, with no dining or utility room, and certainly no conservatory. all my rooms are really warm, because i am fortunatly in a position to be able to have the heating on as much as i need.

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