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Christmas eve box

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nappyaddict Thu 10-Dec-09 23:05:27

Does anyone else do a box of goodies to open on christmas eve? I was thinking of including:

Dressing gown
Slipper socks
Face cloth
Wash mitt
Xmas soap
Xmas shower gel
Toy for bath
Xmas DVD
Xmas book
Christmas mug
Bar of chocolate for making real hot chocolate
Bag of popcorn
Bag of marshmallows
Reindeer food and carrot
Torch (for sprinkling reindeer food)

purpleturtle Thu 10-Dec-09 23:07:04

Wow! I think there's more there than mine will be opening on Christmas morning!

frazzled74 Thu 10-Dec-09 23:23:44

sounds great, i usually do pjs, a xmas book and a dvd.

mistletoekisses Fri 11-Dec-09 08:11:31

I am doing similar, but much smaller!

DS has a pair of reindeer pyjamas.
Polar Express DVD
Coconut marshmallows
Hot chocolate
Christmas mugs
Bag of reindeer dust

I thought mine was fab until I read your list. grin

CherryChristmasEveryone Fri 11-Dec-09 10:19:56

we have one this year containing-
pyjamas and slipper socks each (except db who doesnt wear pj's so he has a new dressing gown)
couple of christmas dvd's
the night before christmas book
box of microwave popcorn
tub of posh hot chocolate
chocolate dipping set from thorntons
mini marshmallows
selection of crayola goodies to occupy the kids

comefollowthatstarwithme Fri 11-Dec-09 10:22:49

Jar of reindeer dust.
Father christmas mugs for Hot choc.
Hot chocolate.
New Pj'
Reindeer dust.
DP has also bought them a special edition of The Snowman and we are going to give them that Xmas eve.

HappyMummyOfOne Fri 11-Dec-09 13:52:42

I do DS a gift bag with xmas chocs, mug/beaker, new pjs, xmas book and dvd. Also some reindeer food for sprinkling before bed.

hormonalmum Fri 11-Dec-09 13:54:54

Im feeling rather mean now.
Just pj's and reindeer dust here

Lifeinagoldfishbowl Fri 11-Dec-09 13:55:27

some more ideas

monkeysmama Fri 11-Dec-09 14:00:07

I've got us all new pjs but didn't think of a hamper. Nice idea. What kind of box do you use? Where do I get reindeer dust?

nappyaddict Fri 11-Dec-09 14:41:22

I made reindeer food with porridge oats, edible glitter and hundreds and thousands. I just used a gift box I bought from the pound shop.

monkeysmama Fri 11-Dec-09 20:39:33

Our neighbour bought us some over last year which was very sweet as dd was only 7 months and we were sooooooo excited.

I think I am going to wrap up a box as a surprise and put in

our new Christmas cd
new pyjamas for all 3 of us
some M&S mulled wine to heat up
a Christmas book for dd (she's 18 mo & we're not religious - any suggestions?)
a Christmassy DVD (any suggestions? We have The Snowman)
some nice chocolates for me and dp to enjoy
Mucky Pup bath toys for dd which were going in her stocking
Reindeer food

nappyaddict Fri 24-Dec-10 19:07:49

Was just re-looking at this as I am about to do DS'. This year I have also included a Santa pillowcase to put on his bed, a christmas pudding bath bomb which DS thinks is magic, a Christmas CD, Thomas the Tank Engine bath foam which he can pretend is snow and put some on his face and pretend to be Santa and some Thomas the Tank Engine shower gel which magically turns the bath water blue.

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