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Sandy22 Thu 10-Dec-09 22:16:47

Has anyone does this for the kids. It is a Santa video message, you can put your childs, name, colour or eyes, hair colour, what special present they would like for Christmas and a picture of them. I did it for my ds tonight and OMG he just loved it - it is free and truly amazing.

SuWoombOfImmaculateConception Thu 10-Dec-09 22:47:10

Was looking for this, have just done my two bigger ones. Fab!!!

morningpaper Thu 10-Dec-09 22:49:20

it's great isn't it? I've done one for my DD and sent it to her

Purplepillow Thu 10-Dec-09 23:05:44

It is fab grin

Did it for dd last year and did it last weekgringringrin

SixtyFootDoll Thu 10-Dec-09 23:07:00

I cant do it as it doesn't have DS's name in itsad

SuWoombOfImmaculateConception Fri 11-Dec-09 12:37:22

You can sixtyfootdoll. My dd's name isn't in it but it just means that FC says hello there, instead of hello dd. Its still brilliant. I only know there is a difference because ds's name was in.

merlin Fri 11-Dec-09 12:43:22

I've done it for DS2 (nearly 5). He's not been well this week and when I showed him this morning he hid behind the sofa at first! But now he keeps pestering me to see it again - he couldn't believe that Santa called him by his name and knew what special pressie he wanted!!!

Not sure if DS1 (9) will fall for it though sad grin

SixtyFootDoll Fri 11-Dec-09 13:13:55

Thanks suwoo will try again....

owlandpussycat Fri 11-Dec-09 22:11:21

This was brilliant- ds was completely blown away watching this. Couldn't believe that santa had his pic and knew what he wanted!!

Thank you so much

Divatheshopaholic Fri 11-Dec-09 22:54:36

friend sent this to me, its brilliant. dd was well impressed, acted so adorable all day

Sandy22 Fri 11-Dec-09 22:56:27

My ds just loves it - keeps going on about the secret Santa told him and also couldn't believe he had his picture in his big book smile

Viksrelis007 Sat 12-Dec-09 11:48:47

Happy christmas to Kajus!

Viksrelis007 Sat 12-Dec-09 11:52:55

Happy x-mas to good boy Kajus!

Viksrelis007 Sat 12-Dec-09 12:32:28

How to get santa claus video message?

unfitmother Sat 12-Dec-09 12:50:49

Here it is

IfYouCouldWouldYou Sat 12-Dec-09 16:20:52

Thanks for this, have just done it for DD(aged 6) and will show her on christmas eve. She will love it as she is fascinated with the whole santa/ ST Nick thing and beliefs around the world.

maxybrown Sat 12-Dec-09 16:25:58

Yes will still work without name, their name still appears in print even though he doesn't say it!

Icanonlytry Sat 12-Dec-09 19:03:29

Thanks for this.
Just made one for DD. The video brought a tear to my eye blush Haven't shown it to her yet though. I'm supposed to be finishing off my final assignments (only 1700 words to go hmm. better get back to it.

haveronjones Fri 17-Dec-10 14:16:33

I have just become aware of the PNP website and have contacted both NSPCC and CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) as well as a variety of media organisations, because I believe that people who use it should first consider the risks involved in providing personal details of a child to a website about which they essentially know nothing at all.

I know of nothing to suggest that the site is anything other than 100% legitimate - but all the same, would you give your child's name, photograph, age, sex, email ID and postal address to a stranger you had met in a pub? I doubt it - and Portable North Pole really isn't any different.

Please, please, please consider the risks involved in this sort of thing before deciding to use the service!

midnightexpress Fri 17-Dec-10 14:18:55

Eh? You don't give them your postal address. And it's my email details, not his that you put in. Try grooming me and see what happens.

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