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Best shop bought mince pies?

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Flame Mon 07-Dec-09 14:56:23

Don't tell me to cook the bloody things, as I know I won't get round to it.

So far the best I have had (excluding the one in caffe nero) was an asda bakery extra special one - really nice pastry.

Tell me your best ones so I can compile a list and try them (I appear to have developed a mince pie habit this year blush)

thisisyesterday Mon 07-Dec-09 15:00:44

haha i saw a review in one of my mums sunday papers and the waitrose ones came out top

noddyholder Mon 07-Dec-09 15:00:52

I only like Mr Kipling shock

josette Mon 07-Dec-09 15:05:47

I don't like deep mince pies: I like mincemeat, but not masses of it in one bite. So I am buying Sainsburys butter-rich ones from their bakery section and freezing them for Christmas as I really like them.

In fact now I've mentioned them, I may go and defrost one for my afternoon cup of tea!

Lauriefairyonthetreeeatscake Mon 07-Dec-09 15:07:45

The mini waitrose ones are lovely - £3.89 for 12 I think - so good I've actually reordered for this week as we've eaten them all.

I had Bettys last year and they were scrumptious - I think it was £24 a dozen (they were all the ones I bought that year though)

herbietea Mon 07-Dec-09 15:09:26

Message withdrawn

Flame Mon 07-Dec-09 15:12:39

shock £24 a dozen?!!?!?!?

Just had one of the 12 for £1 ones from Asda - not as nice as the other ones, but still good

ApplesinmyPocket Mon 07-Dec-09 15:25:23

Tesco Finest - flat, not too much mincemeat, lovely buttery crumbly pastry.

Warm the pie(s), lift lid, insert dollop of home made brandy butter, wait till it melts and oozes.


girlywhirly Mon 07-Dec-09 15:50:46

I would be thrilled if someone paid me £24 a dozen to make mince pies for them!!!!! For that, they'd get home-made mincemeat in them too!!

ChickensHaveNoTinsel Mon 07-Dec-09 15:53:03

Hate to say it, but Greggs mince pies are gorgeous <runs away>

Tidey Mon 07-Dec-09 15:56:54

The bakery ones from Morrisons. Six for £1.25, 12 for £1.80. They're the only supermarket mince pies I've ever had that taste anywhere near as good as homemade ones.

VirginPeachyMotherOfSpod Mon 07-Dec-09 16:03:55

Every year in November my aprents start the annual mince pie taste test, trying every one they can lay their hands on and recording theitr finding for the day itself (nuts wink PMSL)

So far, Asda are winning but they ahevn;t had Waitrose or sainsburys yet, in past years Greggs has won and Aldi for family members who like thiers a bit more alcohol tasting.

birdofthenorth Mon 07-Dec-09 16:10:34

There was a best buy grid for mince pies in yesrteday's Observer (darling) that said Tesco Deep Filled were the best.

I can't be arsed to make mine either!!

oldraver Mon 07-Dec-09 16:13:15

I dont usually like bought mince pies if the pastry is hard. We also dont eat Dairy so mince pies are a minefield. So far this year we have tried Emmas Cakes which were lovley and soft and Sainsburys basics ones surprisgly good for the price .Both are dairy free.... bonus

mistletoekisses Mon 07-Dec-09 16:14:29

We did a blind taste test last year across a wide variety...including some v. expensive ones from Fortnums.

The ones from morrisons actually came up top, with Mr Kipling not far behind!

I keep meaning to try and make them one year, now am on maternity leave, may give them a go!

mrstimlovejoy Mon 07-Dec-09 16:15:48

asda extra special ones are yummy i ate 2 in one go the other day
flame caffe nero ones are gorgeous i want one now infact i need one
i love mince pies

alypaly Mon 07-Dec-09 16:18:22

either the co-op all butter luxury mince pies or Cost Co's which hace a sponge topping on them. Costco are soooo moist and fantastic with cointreau cream

PrettyCandles Mon 07-Dec-09 16:18:32

Best shop-bought ones I've ever had were the tiny one-bite size own-brand Waitrose ones. They come in a selection pack, all open-top, some with a pecan on the top, some with something else, some plain.

Mmmm...might buy some of those myself, even though I make mincemeat myself and dh makes the pies with the dc every year.

LaDiDaDi Mon 07-Dec-09 16:19:14

Morrisons bakery ones are lovely this year, mil had some and they were delicious, she bought me a dozen smile.

I like them with vanilla ice-cream...

CherryChristmasEveryone Mon 07-Dec-09 17:05:45

sainsburys taste the difference ones are the far superior mince pie imo. warmed slightly, top cut off and a dollop of clotted cream then replace the lid! yum yum

RockBird Mon 07-Dec-09 17:12:31

Sainsburys bakery ones are definitely the best. Greggs' are a close second but I find theirs has a bit too much of a crusty dome on top which I have to knock points off for.

JaneiteMightBite Mon 07-Dec-09 19:37:38

I have been researching this over the last week or two. To my shame, I have discovered that the Greggs ones are superior to Waitrose and Mr Kipling. Sainsbo's Taste The Difference are v good indeed. I really like the pastry on the Greggs ones.

MamaGoblin Mon 07-Dec-09 21:01:45

Duchy Originals blush. The mini ones, for preference. I can't be arsed to make my own because I know these ones taste better than whatever I can manage! (Also, whenever I have been arsed, my mincemeat always oozes out and burns, oo-er missus)

They're expensive (not as expensive as Betty's!) but I figure that since they're very rich and not everyone likes them, a small box goes a long way. (Well, to be honest, a small box goes mostly down my gullet. DH doesn't eat them. grin)

howdidthishappenthen Mon 07-Dec-09 21:09:29

M&S luxury deep filled- £2.99 for 6 and worth it.

nancy75 Mon 07-Dec-09 21:17:15

do you have a shop called cook near you (i think they are only in the south) they do almost home made ones, usually i hate mince pies but theses are lovely.

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