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********************Official MN Christmas Appeal ThankyouThread********************

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Welcome to the 2009 MN Christmas Appeal Thankyou Thread

First of all thank you very much to my good friend NormaStanlelFletcher for organising the whole thing smile

Each mumsnetter that receives a parcel will see a number printed on it.

When adding to this thread could you all please mention the number so that the sender knows for definite it was their parcel.

Thank to MNHQ for helping norma with this mammoth task.

A Very Happy Christmas to you all

Thankyou from me and my children for a wonderful christmas tree, it smells beautiful and is just perfect (parcel 09101)

Thankyou so very much for the most beautiful decorations we have ever had (parcel 09102)

PixieOnaChristmasTree Sat 05-Dec-09 19:42:54

Oh goodness. . .I'd better get the tissue box out in preparation, hadn't I?

Does anybody want one?

SantasKinkyKnickers0nMaHead Sat 05-Dec-09 19:45:10

<<<Pinches a tissue from Pixie>>>

I love reading the thank you thread.

In the process of trying to add piccies of our decorated tree to my profile

dont hold your breath though grin

it may take some time

CherryChristmasEveryone Sat 05-Dec-09 20:00:25

oh Trinity, i am so pleased you were the first to receive, and thrilled for your lovely gifts of a tree and decorations. much love xxxx

there are three very crap, on their side photos on my profile grin
I am no photographer, the lighting is bad and well, you know
but I tried grin

trace2 Sat 05-Dec-09 20:12:22

can not read your profilesad for pics

SantasKinkyKnickers0nMaHead Sat 05-Dec-09 20:14:09

TR you need to change your settings grin

I am no good at this
I'm still trying

you need your make your christmas name profile "public"... I think it auto sets to private

I think I've done it

I had to set up a profile cause I've never had one

and then add photos

and no I dont like this name as its too long so I made another name and tried to use the profile mover and it said I didn't have a profile <sob>

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Sat 05-Dec-09 20:29:02

fabulous photo's gorgeous tree..
Hope you manage to have a happy christmas.. even if it will be a very hard one. smile

well I can click on my name and see my profile so I hope it has worked
but I just realised that I put 32 and I'm not I'm 31...I think

PixieOnaChristmasTree Sat 05-Dec-09 20:31:22

Lovely tree - I hope it can make Christmas just a bit easier for your girls.

trace2 Sat 05-Dec-09 20:32:30

great pics grin try to have a good christmas!

gorgeous tree

this is always the nicest nicest thread every year, puts the likes of AIBU in its place!
<<adds another box of tissues to the communal pile>>

thanks guys
it was a bit hard doing to decs and having the music on but it was so nice to just have it given to me
I didn't need to think about it

thankyou very much to my secret santa smile

5inthesleighbed Sat 05-Dec-09 20:38:55

<slight hijack> I havent't been emailed with details of who to send my items to. Have I somehow not managed to get added to the list? I did email NFS as well with what I had to give.

NormaStanleyFletcher Sat 05-Dec-09 20:51:27

sorry for any hold up in matches. RL has been a bugger

worry not if you haven't heard yet

5inthesleighbed Sat 05-Dec-09 20:55:37

Thanks NSF, missed that one. smile

andirobobo Sat 05-Dec-09 20:56:46

Lovin the tree Rhino! Hope all is well in your household over the festive season.

SantasKinkyKnickers0nMaHead Sat 05-Dec-09 21:49:49

Beautiful tree!

santa09101 Sun 06-Dec-09 17:47:20

trinity I am so pleased you like the tree and decs.

We will be thinking of you and the dcs and hope you have a decent christmas

thankyou very much santa09101 smile

Hope you have a great christmas too smile

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