Ideas for Christmas Stocking fillers for 11 year old boy

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fimac1 Mon 23-Nov-09 19:12:20

Hi can anyone help me find something other than sweets for my 11 year old sons stocking? He still loves getting one even though he has just started senior school wink interests are music (rock) his electric guitar and football!

Milliways Mon 23-Nov-09 21:29:33

Fun things from Hawkins Bazaar?

Snazzy Plectrums

Phone/Ipod sock

lynx type shower gel

Funny socks

DS had a book of famous Guitar riffs once - each one had a page of info on the artist/guitar responsible.

Pocket size "Where's Wally/Stig etc" book

Mini puzzle (all baked beans/pretzels etc) - cheap in The Entertainer last year.

An electric shocking pen (great to leave in pencil case for friends stealing your pen).


New Fountain pen

A comb/nail clippers (always loosing them)

Chocolate coins grin

fimac1 Tue 24-Nov-09 08:17:57

Thanks and love the idea of the guitar riffs book, if you have the details would really appreciate the title or author otherwise will have a good search on Amazon.......


Saltire Tue 24-Nov-09 08:23:34

So far DS1 is getting in his

Lynx shower gel
Lynx deodoranthmm
Arsenal face cloth

(all the above in the he hope he will wash more often, and not just stand in the shower)

Evil Kenevil(sp?) bikething I got in Boots
Simpsons socks
Finger cutter trick from Hawkins

mollyroger Tue 24-Nov-09 08:28:26

Have a look at Claire's Accessories shock - I got my gothy/rocky 11-yr-old so really cool guitar and skull wristbands, and a studded belt, and some black/grey wristwarmers.
Also a book Diary of a wimpy kid - which he had been noseing at in Waterstones.
And some mini skateboards (Tech Deck) which he adores.

bellavita Tue 24-Nov-09 08:35:24

Saltire - DS1 (12) has a habit of just standing in the shower...

DS2 (10) on the other hand when he comes out of the bathroom it smells like a tarts boudouir grin

Milliways Tue 24-Nov-09 16:11:57

It was the Rifftionary!

But loads more similar titles out there - this one was just on shelfs in the local music shop when I went in

jemart Tue 24-Nov-09 18:39:51

I just ordered all mine from here

They will make up a stocking for you to fit your age range and budget. Or you can do as I did and select your own fillers.

Oh and you can get 5% off with this code nappy09

mollyroger Tue 24-Nov-09 19:25:42

what sort of things do they put in for a 12 year old though?

ja9 Tue 24-Nov-09 19:37:20

sports water bottle
shin pads
footie socks
goalie gloves
plectrum / kappo (sp?)
new set of guitar strings
designer / cool boxers

WilfSell Tue 24-Nov-09 19:43:40

Brilliant thread (ie exactly what I needed to know) so thanks grin

WilfSell Tue 24-Nov-09 19:44:49

What on earth do they DO with the miniskateboards? hmm

TheFallenMadonna Tue 24-Nov-09 19:47:24

Irritate the hell out of their teachers I reckon. I have confiscated more than I care to remember.

mollyroger Tue 24-Nov-09 19:47:52

well mine is obssessed with the real thing, so he practices his tricks and moves in miniature with his fingers...
and makes mini-skateparks out of my wok grin and household objects.

DanDruff Tue 24-Nov-09 19:48:57

oh dont btoher buying shit
give him sweets and money

WilfSell Tue 24-Nov-09 19:53:55

We have entered the chocolate flavoured Lynx phase. Arf. I think the naked lady adverts for it are still Right Over His Head though <hopeful?>

Father Christmas may have to be told to bring him something a little less, um, throat-catching...

Milliways Tue 24-Nov-09 20:32:15

This looks good fun!

DanDruff Tue 24-Nov-09 20:33:02

but i buy that shit every year and it lasts a week

the most i will consider is a head torch

fimac1 Wed 25-Nov-09 18:17:31

Thanks have ordered the Rifftionary- it looks perfect for him!

Lots of others added to a now long shopping list (including Astronaut food!) which he has always wanted to try, Hawkins Bazzar

fimac1 Tue 01-Dec-09 15:20:20

Cool boxers?

Anyone know where I can get some cool boxers for a smallish 11 year old? His mates all seem to be tall for their age and can get into small mens clothing, unlike ds, help much appreciated!!!!

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