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Christmas cake - will it go mouldy???

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fatsatsuma Mon 23-Nov-09 09:53:16

I made our Christmas cake yesterday [domestic goddess emoticon].

But am troubled by the fact that it is moist or even damp on the outside - not helped by me generously splashing brandy over it just now blush

If I obey Delia - as I always do - and wrap it in double layers etc etc will the moisture be absorbed, or will it stay soggy on the outside or even go mouldy?

Paleodad Mon 23-Nov-09 10:11:16

It'll be absolutely fine, the moisture will absorb into the cake. I tend to wrap my cakes quite loosley, but maybe Delia would disagree...
Just keep feeding it once or twice a week with whatever spirits come to hand, the worst thing in the world is a dry fruitcake!

fatsatsuma Mon 23-Nov-09 10:19:18

Thanks Paleodad - that's very reassuring. What do you wrap your cake in?

Also, could you tell me about your feeding technique? I made some (rather large) holes with a skewer and ladled it in, but I know some people use syringes. Is that necessary or will my bigger holes be OK?

Paleodad Mon 23-Nov-09 10:46:08

I think big holes is fine, I usually attack it with a knitting needle or kebab skewer, but perfectionists would probably disagree.
As for wrapping and feeding, i just use greaseproof/baking paper (never quite sure what the difference is...) and spoon over three or four large tablespoons of spirits I think, until it looks a bit wet on top IYSWIM.

fatsatsuma Mon 23-Nov-09 11:02:02

Thanks, am happy now smile

MamaGoblin Mon 23-Nov-09 18:00:20

Christmas Cake? Go mouldy? The stuff is bloody bombproof! grin The moisture is fine, and the alcohol will help preserve it too. Last time I made a christmas cake, some of it lasted until June, when I chucked it (I'm the only one in the house who likes the stuff)... No mould.

fatsatsuma Mon 23-Nov-09 18:31:40

grin Thanks MamaG; my mind is well and truly at rest now.

Ellie590 Wed 09-Dec-09 20:17:24

Hey can anyone suggest why my christmas cake went mouldy. Got it out for marzipan and top had a little spot and side had a round furry white patch about size of a 50p I want to make a new one as quickly as possible but it must not happen again. what did i do...or not do?? I did not wrap it at all just on baking paper in airtight box. MamaGoblin, if yours is bombproof, would you be willing to share a recipe? blush

fatsatsuma Thu 17-Dec-09 19:37:46

Oh no Ellie590 - have only just seen this and am shock

That is my worst fear, to find mould after all the TLC you've given the cake.

Have you made another one? Poor you, I feel your pain sad

scarlet3 Thu 18-Dec-14 12:08:22

I made my xmas cake in oct . Checked it two weeks ago fine . Took it out to decorate today . The bottom was soggy and starting to mould . Can i still use it if i remove the slight mould

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