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Does anyone have the Piranha Panic game?

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Ingles2 Wed 11-Nov-09 21:14:06

Ds2 is desperate for it, it looks crap and too young to me, but he's convinced it's going to be great...
Anyone got it?

kimlouiseb Wed 11-Nov-09 21:55:27

Yes, we've got it.
My 5 year old DS got it for his birthday and he loves it. He'd been wanting it for ages.
It is good actually - simple rules and fun to play, quite solid too.
I would recommend. How old is your DS?

Fizzylemonade Wed 11-Nov-09 22:47:52

Wouldn't second kimlouiseb, my son is 6 and loves it. It is a game of chance so no skill involved. My ds2 is 3 and loves pulling the lever to release the piranhas.

The dice only has 1 or 2 as the number of moves you can make so good for very little children too.

Will point out that once assembled you can't get it back into the box, I hate this about toys. It snaps together to assemble so I don't believe you can un-snap it without breaking it. We just stash it in a the toy cupboard with all the pieces in a little bag.

Ingles2 Thu 12-Nov-09 07:46:48

Thanks ladies... I think I'll get it for him then. He's 8, but a very young one and has some SN. I'll stick it in his stocking smile

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