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rose petal cottage

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frazzled74 Wed 11-Nov-09 21:00:37

after getting the amazon bargain, I am now not sure whether to give it to dd or not.She is 6 and is too tall for it really. But she has wanted one ever since they came out and even mentioned it again this evening.Does anyone have one of these ? can older girls still play with it. I dont want her to get her dream toy and then be disappointed.

Lilyloo Wed 11-Nov-09 21:12:45

I would imagine 6 is a bit old (big) for what is essentially a wendy house.
However if she wants it and it only cost £17.50 why are you not going to give it her ? Surely she will be more dissapointed not to get it ?

frazzled74 Wed 11-Nov-09 21:16:55

just thought it may be disappointing to get a wendy house and then realise that she doesnt fit in it,I suppose it could be a house for her rosie and roby dolls though.

npg1 Wed 11-Nov-09 22:18:26

Hi. just thought I would add......

Brought last xmas for my 2 DD's, then 2 and 6yrs old. The younger one loves it, as does the older one! I currenly have it set up so one side (with the door) is up against a wall and then the other side is lenght ways next to it (if that makes sense!) so it's not completely closed up as a house but rather open and in a square area so they walk through the door and have cooker, washer etc set up with chairs annd table to thr right in the other part of the house.

Hope that makes sense!

npg1 Wed 11-Nov-09 22:19:35

and no I dont think she would be dissapointed! I also used to open ours into a v shape to give more room at the back x

frazzled74 Wed 11-Nov-09 22:29:09

thanks,puts my mind at rest, i had told her she was too old for it and not to ask father christmas for it, but it will be a nice suprise and hopefully ds will like it as well.

bonkerz Wed 11-Nov-09 22:34:08

frazzled, if you decide not to give t to your dd let me know cos i would be happy to buy it from you, my DD is 4 and would love this unfortunately i just missed this bargain, got it in my basket at 17.50 and it changed to 60 before i cheked out! LOL

frazzled74 Wed 11-Nov-09 23:09:42

sorry bonkerz have decided to keep it.I think it may be something ds3 and dd will play with together.

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