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Lovely Gifts for Grown ups ....

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MissWooWoo Wed 11-Nov-09 10:34:23

... can we share online sites that might help us in our quest to find really nice presents for ourselves the grown ups this christmas?

Lots of lovely things here and here and also here

anyone got any more?

lilyrose123 Wed 11-Nov-09 13:23:24

this is a nice site

jewellery thats a bit unique

lilyrose123 Wed 11-Nov-09 13:28:02

and this one, have nice wooden toys and dummy clips

MissWooWoo Thu 12-Nov-09 09:39:30

ta for that smile

crystsalbelle Thu 12-Nov-09 09:48:45

I love the stuff on this site, I keep going back as they've always got new stuff!

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