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Lovely Christymas tree - cheaper version?

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Dorothyredboots Wed 11-Nov-09 10:16:06

I've fallen in love with this christmas tree but it is too many £££s as it won't be an 'only tree' (I have a whopper in my first floor sitting room so this is for the kitchen/dining area as I can't bear eating my meals with no tree to look at and I spend a lot of time cooking in kitchen.) I currently have a rather naff £20 jobbie from Tesco and would like something a bit more sophisticated.
If anyone has seen a lovely tree like this but a lot cheaper I would love to know. Or, if anyone has seen this tree in RL (no John Lewis near me) and can vouch for its lovliness I'd be grateful as if I do weaken I'm about dubious about mail ordering it without seeing it first..
Thanks ladies.
Wow, managed to do my first link too :-)

girlywhirly Wed 11-Nov-09 16:51:18

I have seen the John Lewis tree in the store, and it isn't bad if you don't want a bushy tree. I would browse around a few garden centres and see what's on offer there, and there are quite a few internet shops to trawl through. I like independent garden centres as they seem to have more unusual Christmas trees and decs. You could look on the JL tree as an investment if you are going to keep it for some years to come!

I have a second tree, as we have an L-shaped lounge/diner, and can't see the main tree while at the table. Ours is a 3ft half tree, intended to be hung on the wall, but I prop it up on a corner unit, weighted in the basket base. I've even wired lights into it! Takes up no floor space. Might that be an option for you if you could find one?

I know what you mean about the Tesco trees, I'm sure they could be done under trade description because the trees bear no resemblance to the photos on the boxes!

BoneYard Wed 11-Nov-09 16:53:38

Sorry but that tree looks as if an elephant has sneezed near it.

PfftTheMagicDragon Wed 11-Nov-09 16:59:31

That tree looks half dead!

ledodgyfireworksingedmyeyebrow Wed 11-Nov-09 17:03:33

one here wih a bit more branches but no bushy

BoneYard Wed 11-Nov-09 17:03:48

......And then a unicorn vomited on it wink

IfYouCouldWouldYou Wed 11-Nov-09 23:23:58

LOL Boneyard

You dont get an awful lot for your money do you?

Why not go for a real one a whole lot cheaper and just as nice.

Dorothyredboots Thu 12-Nov-09 09:18:49

That's me told then! LOL!

VickyA Thu 12-Nov-09 11:10:45

I think this is the tree we've got - £49.50, and we got it on a 3 for 2 offer online a couple of years ago, which took a third off everything, rather than giving the cheapest item free, so worth keeping an eye on Marks' website.. It looks absolutely fine - we have a new-ish build house, which although 4 bedroom isn't very generous in living space, and that tree fits in just fine.

PfftTheMagicDragon Thu 12-Nov-09 15:37:45

Is that tree bushy, Vicky? We need a new one and I don't want anything too sparse but baulk at paying some of the prices I see.

VickyA Thu 12-Nov-09 17:17:35

It's fine, if it's the same as ours. Not hugely bushy, as it's narrow, but IIRC it's got enough branches to look good, and I'm a bit picky!

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