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Not sure what to put on my xmas list...

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JTGPsmummy Tue 10-Nov-09 21:43:06

I am 28 and have just had my birthday which I made a list for (my DH and family prefer me to do this). I have been told that after my birthday there isn't enough left in there and I need to add to it but I'm not really sure what I want. We have a small budget so nothing expensive (I wish!), and I like a few presents. I have put a couple of nintendo DS games on my list, some books, make up brushes but I am at a loss as to what else I may want. Does anyone have any bright ideas?!

DLI Wed 11-Nov-09 19:20:40

i know how you feel, i am the same - i can never think of things that i want for me, i usually come up with ideas for the house or ds but what about

cinema vouchers (not sure if you can actually get these)!
new handbag or purse

supersalstrawberry Wed 11-Nov-09 19:23:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DottyDot Wed 11-Nov-09 19:29:11

I'm over the moon this year - every year my Mum asks me what I want for Christmas/birthday (which is in Feb so I sometimes get a joint present hmm) and I can never think of anything - however I saw this in Debenhams last week and fell completely in love with it - posted the link to my Mum in sheer cheekiness and she's bought it!

Of course I have to wait until Christmas to get it which is driving me mad and making me feel like I'm 11, not 40, but hey - am getting something I want! Hurrah!! grin

JTGPsmummy Wed 11-Nov-09 20:13:02

Thanks for the ideas. I'm never sure on CDs now, I have an ipod and have put all my music from my CDs onto it and CDs have been relegated to a case which feels like such a waste! I got some very nice perfume for my bday and the slippers that I asked for. I would actually like a new handbag so maybe I'll look around for that.

Super, really made me laugh!
Dotty, glad your getting what you want, and its very nice!

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