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does anyone know of a cd of carols that doesn't have the singing on it - need something to accompany 15 Brownies

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hatwoman Tue 10-Nov-09 17:44:20

I'm not in charge of our Brownies carol concert, I'm just a lowly helper. but (unlike the woman who is in charge) I don't think a small group of Brownies can hold a load of Christmas carols without accompaniement. I have excruciating visions of the girls mumbling, the old folks not hearing and me trying to jolly every one along. shudder.

We have a couple of girls who can bash their way through Jingle Bells, on the piano - so that will be ok. but for the other songs I was wondering if there might be a cd we could use. I've had a quick look on Amazon and the only thing it's coming up with is Kings College Choir. which would not be a good thing for them to sing to. I just want simple music, without singing. Any ideas? mp3 files would be even better because then I can get them instantly.

hatwoman Tue 10-Nov-09 17:47:05

oh my lord. have just found this: be the answer to my prayers!

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