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feel sad that Christmas is a harder day than others

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sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 08:11:16

Message withdrawn

oxocube Sun 08-Nov-09 08:15:03

sad. I hadn't even thought of this Riven.

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 08:17:33

Message withdrawn

IsItMeOr Sun 08-Nov-09 08:28:03

sad to hear this riven. This does sound hard, and I can understand why you are feeling sad about it.

Is there no chance of any respite? But iirc some of your family aren't very helpful with dd are they?

Can you get carers to help you with any preparations before the days, so that you have as smooth and easy a time as possible? [clutching at straws emoticon].

MintyCane Sun 08-Nov-09 10:08:21

sad Sorry to hear that. Do you get respite at all for the rest of the year ?

MitchyInge Sun 08-Nov-09 10:13:36

could you move Christmas Day to another day or (even more clutching at straws) change religion?

MitchyInge Sun 08-Nov-09 10:15:59

ah I get it sorry, is not about how to celebrate the day but how to get through it as with any other day?

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 10:22:41

Message withdrawn

MitchyInge Sun 08-Nov-09 11:41:18

yanbu to want everyone to have a nice day

daisy5678 Sun 08-Nov-09 12:41:18

Can you do shifts with dh i.e. one of you sits with dd and the other one spends time focusing on the Christmas aspect of presents, the meal and the other kids?

Last year some of our respite days fell on days that the respite woman who sorts J doesn't work (Bank Holidays) and then she was ill so had no respite all over Christmas 2 week holidays. I was offered someone else instead but that would never have worked if J didn't know her. So I ended up doing 24/7 for the first week (and J doesn't sleep through the night) and was exhausted as he is like a very hyper puppy and needs loads of exercise as well as the usual stuff, but the second week, made his dad come over so we could take turns and then I would sleep or whatever while he was here. If I had other kids, I guess that would have been my focus while J's dad sorted J.

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 12:49:56

Message withdrawn

cherrymonster Sun 08-Nov-09 13:22:24

how old is she riven? does she have a wheelchair you can put her in for 5 minutes whilst you do things quickly? sorry if i sound insensitive but i really dont know the situation

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 13:23:58

Message withdrawn

cherrymonster Sun 08-Nov-09 13:25:32

does she watch dvd's? or like listening to stories, and can she play with toys at all?

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 13:28:03

Message withdrawn

cherrymonster Sun 08-Nov-09 13:28:58

what about music? something quite loud and happy?

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 13:31:02

Message withdrawn

cherrymonster Sun 08-Nov-09 13:32:13

other idea, you say you dont get respite care on xmas day, is this because of funding, or no one working on that day? and also, when you say she cant use her hands, can she not move them at all, or can she just not control them well enough to hold things?

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 13:33:30

Message withdrawn

magicOC Sun 08-Nov-09 13:34:45

So sorry for you and your family RIVEN

Wish I could wave a magic wand sad

Bloody neighbours,angry why dont you kindly invite them to come and spend "a day in the life of RIVEN AND CO" even invite them to spend christmas day with you let them see how insensitive they are being?

Bloomin idiots angry

Nothing more I can say except thinking of you and yours and wishing you much peace and happiness for the festive season.

cherrymonster Sun 08-Nov-09 13:35:17

bugger. ok, are there no ther agencies you could use? am just thinking aloud really, just trying to get an idea of whether there is anything we mumsnetters can do to help

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 13:35:32

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 13:36:28

Message withdrawn

cherrymonster Sun 08-Nov-09 13:36:57

oh i know, but just trying to think practically, i mean, if we can find an agency with someone who can come on xmas day, even if only for a couple of hours, it would make your day a whole lot easier. do you have other children aswell?

sarah293 Sun 08-Nov-09 13:39:16

Message withdrawn

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