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Toddler proof tea lights....

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piprabbit Sat 07-Nov-09 18:18:31

I've been suffering from candle withdrawal symptoms the last few christmases, and this year I felt that I couldn;t even have my usual tea lights in their glass holders due to my nightmare curious toddler.

But I've just discovered fake tea lights, the ones with the flickering LED flames. I've bought a bulk pack and will be dotting them all over the house. Hurrah.

Just wanted to recommend the 'warm white' ones to everyone who is similarly suffering.

Kadiya Sat 07-Nov-09 20:50:38

ooooh, thank you for that!
I LURVE candles and this is the right time of year for them!
Where did you get them from please?

whomovedmychocolatecookie Sat 07-Nov-09 21:07:18

I won one of those Phillips sensual lights hmm things which have the flickering tea lights. BRILLIANT in a power cut! You can get them at Homebase and various other places. Just google them Kadiya!

Kadiya Sat 07-Nov-09 21:20:11

Thanks WMMCC!

cakeywakey Sat 07-Nov-09 21:21:04

I think that Lakeland might stock them as well smile

whomovedmychocolatecookie Sat 07-Nov-09 21:32:46

They do indeed cakeywakey - though there's are a bit pinkish as far as I remember. Good for hiding wrinkles though!

piprabbit Sat 07-Nov-09 22:03:52

here you go the shop where I bought mine.

They do 'amber' ones too - but I felt they were a bit too yellowy.

Kadiya Sun 08-Nov-09 00:25:47

Ordered some and can't wait for them to arrive!
I got a bit tired of my littlies eating my candles, I threw them away (except for some emergency ones ~sigh~)
Are they bright enough to read by? It's just I used my tealights for loooooong hot baths with a glass of red and a good horror wink

piprabbit Sun 08-Nov-09 00:40:20

Kadiya - now I'm all worried that you won't be able to read and will blame me...

I think they are as bright as my usual tea lights, but I've not experimented with reading - more putting on the mantlepiece and admiring the effect blush.

Kadiya Sun 08-Nov-09 02:04:39

Don't worry about it sweetie, if they aren't bright enough, Hubby will have to dig in his pockets to buy me some more wink

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