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Any views on Vtech Leapster for my 3 year old DS??

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CDMforever Sat 07-Nov-09 11:31:12

DS adores books and technology so thought for his main pressie at christmas might buy a leapster or such like where a device reads the story out loud. Are they any good?? Seem quite pricey when you add in the books.

pugsandseals Sat 07-Nov-09 12:03:04

DD is a little old now, but has a leappad & leapster. In my experience they are much better than the Vtech computer we have & will still keep DD learning for hours!
I can't rate them highly enough. Infact, I was very cross when SIL bought her a DS last Christmas as the games are not at all educational but very addictive meaning she hasn't played so much with the leapster recently. However, she will always go back to it in the car & has used these toys much more than anything else she has apart from playmobil!

CDMforever Sat 07-Nov-09 12:07:31

The other one I was looking at was the Tag reading system, presumably quite similar.

pugsandseals Sat 07-Nov-09 12:11:09

That replaced the leappad I think!
We have previously bought lots of this stuff on bulk from (no We have then sold on through ebay the books/cartridges we don't need which makes the whole exercise very cheap if you have the time to do it!
My favourite is still the leapster out of the two

CDMforever Sat 07-Nov-09 12:13:01

Thanks. Forgot about ebay! Have just been looking on amazon.

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