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Drying whole oranges, not slices. Anyone know how?

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DwayneDibbley Fri 06-Nov-09 16:36:43

Message withdrawn

MrsMuddle Fri 06-Nov-09 16:40:27

We've inadvertently dried tangerines and pomegranites by just leaving them in the fruitbowl for too long! They go rock hard and a bit shrunken.

BloodRedTulips Fri 06-Nov-09 16:43:26

leave them on my kitchen counter for a few weeks.

i have a collection, oranges, lemons, limes and pomegranates.... none of them intentional.

i'm starting to seriously consider the possibility that there's some sore of space time rift on my worksurfaces that literally sucks the youth out of things and mummifies them

DwayneDibbley Fri 06-Nov-09 16:43:54

Message withdrawn

DwayneDibbley Fri 06-Nov-09 16:44:58

Message withdrawn

paisleyleaf Fri 06-Nov-09 16:49:35

I do the slices and whole oranges (slitted with cloves poked in) on the fireguard, so I guess whole oranges could be done the same. Or airing cupboard? Low oven?
I would think the smaller you can do the better.
Also, as they seem to be lasting so long in the fruit bowls - perhaps they don't even need it.

DwayneDibbley Fri 06-Nov-09 17:21:51

Message withdrawn

paisleyleaf Fri 06-Nov-09 20:07:59

I don't know if I do it right
I poke the cloves in before drying.....mostly because it adds to the christmassy smell in the house.
tbh they're nice decorations for DD to do. I do a couple of slits (2,3 or 4) and DD pokes cloves in to make a pattern, then I put them around the fireplace to dry out.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 06-Nov-09 20:10:32

I do them the same as paisley the smell is lovely.

DwayneDibbley Fri 06-Nov-09 22:40:04

Message withdrawn

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