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Air travel friendly presents - 8 and 2 yo boys?

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LunarSea Fri 06-Nov-09 12:47:50

dh has decided that we're going away skiing for Christmas. Which is great but leaves me with having to sort out a stockings worth of presents for the day itself for each of the boys which are smalll and light enough (and non fragile/crushable) to stand being packed in luggage and taken away with us.

But as it'll be ds2's first Christmas where he really understands and anticipates presents from Santa it does need to be something worth getting excitied about?

Any ideas?

NancyBotwin Fri 06-Nov-09 14:09:11

Could you get them to write a letter to Santa to tell him you will be away for Christmas and please could he deliver the stockings to where you are staying on holiday but leave the big presents at your house?

I don't usually go overboard with stockings but can see you may need to put proper things in them this year...

I would go for

Sweets (always goes down well here!)

Small cuddly toys (my 8 year old still likes them!)

Small toys for the 2 year old like toy cars, trains, little figures (eg Playmobil/Duplo/Sylvanian families - whatever he is into. Eg if you were getting him a trainset, leave the tracks, etc at home and put a few trains in the stocking - sort of as a clue to what his main present will be.

For your older ds things like books, DS games, small boxes of Lego, would travel well.

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