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Talking Marie Cat?

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cornetjo Thu 05-Nov-09 23:34:57

I have asked my dd (aged 4), what she wants for christmas and she keeps asking for a talking cat. I have been looking for one. But now she says she saw it on Milkshake (channel 5), so it was probably an advert, and she says the cat is called Marie. I have searched online but can only find a soft toy Marie (doesnt move or talk).

Has anyone seen the advert, or know what I am talking about? I have no idea where to look and she won't change her mind on what she wants from Father Christmas.

nancy75 Thu 05-Nov-09 23:39:35

there is a barbie talking cat here not called marie but close and has been advertised on tv. i did look at this for dd when it was full price but it seems a bit £££ for what it does.

frazzled74 Thu 05-Nov-09 23:42:43

i am pretty sure i have seen that advertised on tv recently

LilyloovesGuyFawkes Fri 06-Nov-09 10:01:36

My dd loved this cat in Tesco

silverfrog Fri 06-Nov-09 10:03:46

could she mean a talking meerkat?I think they are selling those for Christmas.

LilyloovesGuyFawkes Fri 06-Nov-09 10:05:38

Have to get yourself to Harrods for a meerkat

LilyloovesGuyFawkes Fri 06-Nov-09 10:07:09

Is Marie not an Aristocat ?

cornetjo Fri 06-Nov-09 13:51:56

I caught the advert today and it was the Miette one. She is smitten so it looks like thats the one. Thanks for all your help.

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