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What to buy for a 10 year old dsd, a 14 year old dss and 16 year old dss?

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Marne Thu 05-Nov-09 19:23:20

We tend to give the step children money for x-mas and take them shopping on boxing day but i would also like them to have a few small things to open when they come over boxing day morning, so what can i buy for:

DSD 10 years old, likes making things (cards etc..), not really in to music and not too bothered about clothes?

DSS1 16 years old, likes playing on the x-box, likes most things that 16 year old boys like. likes clothes and football (but doesn't play at the mo)?

DSS2 14 years old, also likes x-box, not bothered about clothes?

They already have most things, i-pods, phones, x-box etc..

So what can i buy them so they have something to open?

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