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Ideas for a 6 year old who likes baking please!

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nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 05-Nov-09 17:47:08

I'd like to get a cake decorating or baking present for a 6 year old who really enjoys baking. She has a few cook books etc so probably doesn't need anymore of those.

I'm thinking along the lines of fancy sprinkles and cupcake cases.

Would prefer to keep it under a tenner.

Any ideas appreciated.


Lizzzombie Thu 05-Nov-09 17:49:53

There is a local kitchenware type shop all over Sussex called 'Steamer Trading' - not sure if they are else where in the country or if they have a website, but last year they were selling huge big jars of cookie cutters for £9.99
I think there were 50 different shapes in there.

Lizzzombie Thu 05-Nov-09 17:51:28

here they are. 101 cutters for £9.99 !

displayuntilbestbefore Thu 05-Nov-09 17:51:51

There are some nifty idea for children's baking/cooking utensils on
this site
or you could try this

Alternatively, I've given similar gifts by just buying things myself and putting together a kit to suit my budget - colourful mixing bowl in which you can put a spoon, cutters, cake decorations etc to match things you know the dc likes

You could get her a big cheap plastic mixing bowl from wilkinsons/asda and fill it with baking equipment like cookie cutters, a little apron, wooden spoon, pastry brush, and little packets of sponge mix, crumble topping, fairy cake mix etc and some sprinkly cake decorating bits. I think you could do that for under a tenner.

Kathyis12feethighandbites Thu 05-Nov-09 17:53:49

I was going to suggest an icing bag but James's idea is better.

nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 05-Nov-09 17:59:19

the problem is I know her mum already has all the equipment and no more space in her kitchen for more 'stuff'.
i'm going to guess that they have lots of cookie cutters.

i'm thinking 'edible' would be less of a nuisance to her mother and her already crammed kitchen.

MintyCane Thu 05-Nov-09 18:09:13

You can get amazing sprinkles on ebay i got some little dolphins and black cats for halloween.

displayuntilbestbefore Thu 05-Nov-09 18:09:38

How about

MintyCane Thu 05-Nov-09 18:14:11

i think they are the ones that sell on ebay

Mammina Thu 05-Nov-09 18:21:00

DUBB thank you for that link - am going to get some for my niece

nevergoogledragonbutter Fri 06-Nov-09 11:10:45

good link. thankyou.

teamcullen Sat 07-Nov-09 11:11:35

In Asda they sell ready made cookie dough with a little cookie cutter and shake and bake muffin mix with all the bits. like this and this and this

I got these last year for DS2 and he loved them. They will definatly be getting some in his stocking this year.

No mess baking and great for when they just get too excited and need something calm to do. wink

teamcullen Sat 07-Nov-09 11:19:32

Ok Those links didnt work properly.
Look on and type in shake to make for the cakes and ready to bake cookie mix for the cookies smile

MissAnneElk Sat 07-Nov-09 11:32:24

You can buy silicone cake cases in poundland in packs of 6. I'd buy a couple of those, an apron and some cake decorations from the supermarket. DD2 likes the Barbie sprinkles even although she is no longer a fan of Barbie grin

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