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Advent Calendar Fillers - what do YOU put in yours?

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cocococo Wed 04-Nov-09 10:42:41

I bought a refillable advent calendar with 24 little stockings on a string, what do you put in yours and where do you buy the items from? Last year I bought christmas cracker fillers online but they cost a fortune - looking for a cheaper option this year. Will put some little chocolates in too but want a few surprises as well. So my question is...

what do you put in yours and where do you buy them from??

silverfrog Wed 04-Nov-09 10:54:51

We have small wooden trees for both dds, and so put in decorations for their tree (dds are both multiple food intolerant, so most choc etc is out for us)

as they get older, I think I'll put in little poems and thoughts for the day etc as well.

canella Wed 04-Nov-09 10:56:09

go to places like Lidl and Aldi for chocolate fillers or what about the mail order party bag company (cant remember the name of it but its prince williams girlfriends parents company!!) - you can just buy one off small items and there not so expensive!

itsbeingsocheerful Wed 04-Nov-09 11:05:13

Girls or boys coco?

For my 2 girls (13/16): separated packs of 4/5 pairs of earrings from Claire's; Packs of small individually wrapped bath bombs; phone charms; when younger also hair slides/bobbles.

For DS: rub on tattoos which I cut into individual designs.

Also cutesy/football based rubbers. One £1 coin.

Sweets aswell as choc.


Shiner Wed 04-Nov-09 11:25:54

I take photos of their cuddly toys in odd places with a Santa hat on, print them out and fill some of the days with the print outs. Good for a giggle, but you have to start a long time in advance...

Teddy driving the car wearing Daddy's glasses, tiger sitting on the loo with a book, sitting in a cafe holding a menu or next to a cup of coffee. The best ones include people who they don't see very often.

LostGirl Wed 04-Nov-09 13:46:21

We put in things to do such as make christmas cards, feed the birds, make reindeer food, go and choose christmas present for daddy etc, decorate christmas tree. Helps me keep on track of what I should be doing as well!

MintyCane Wed 04-Nov-09 14:04:43

What a fab idea LostGirl

oldraver Wed 04-Nov-09 14:46:24

Erm usully chocolate. I get some dark chocolate coins from Thorntons and soem dairy free footballs. DS eats very little chocolate and doesnt have selection boxes etc so its a treat for him

cocococo Wed 04-Nov-09 17:28:13

great ideas here - any more ideas for boys?

LostGirl Wed 04-Nov-09 18:58:14

Marbles? Mini whoopee cushion?

AllBuggiedOut Thu 05-Nov-09 22:29:58

I'm going to find some seasonal Lego images (eg snowman), and put the picture and the Lego pieces in for my DSs to make.

minnymum Sun 21-Nov-10 18:50:56

I buy a lego model and over time add more and more bits. The instructions are also supplied to my son can gradually make his model.

wangle99 Sun 21-Nov-10 19:24:56

I love the teddy bear idea - bit late now though for me!

In ours I have put things to do - sing a Christmas song, think of some Christmas food, what did the wise men bring etc etc.

However, can't think what to write this year and can't find the list of ideas that was on mn last year!

taffetacat Sun 21-Nov-10 19:32:35

GoGos - 1 each plus sticker
Match Attax/XL cards
Promise to stay up til 9pm in holidays
Wee chocolate Santas
Wee bag of nuts ( they are mad for nuts )
Gold and silver pens
Christmas stamps and pad

The latter two will be in the first few days so they can use them to write out their Christmas cards

taffetacat Sun 21-Nov-10 19:34:40

Forgot to say where from:

GoGos/football cards all bought in bulk on Amazon as use as treats/rewards through the year
Bags of nuts I make up myself using little food bags and some festive ribbon
Stickers - various sources some nice ones actually at Sainsbo's atm
Pens and stamps from 99p shop

LHouse Thu 15-Nov-12 15:44:36

I found some lovely things for my daughter at :-)

00100001 Fri 28-Oct-16 19:15:55

do you mean smile

SimplyNigella Sat 29-Oct-16 11:25:24

DS (2) has a refillable calendar and last year I bought him a mini Christmas tree and a set of 24 small wooden decorations so that he could add a new ornament to the tree every morning. As he gets older I will probably put a small chocolate or a sticker in some days too.

mixedpeel Sat 29-Oct-16 18:50:31

I do a mixture of things, but solved the problem of 'must fit into tiny pocket' by putting clues in instead. These can then lead to larger items - which actually can save you money as I've often used festive treats I would've bought anyway, eg Christmas versions of savoury snacks/biscuits.

We've got into a habit of doing three clues per day, so it's like a mini treasure hunt every morning.

The kids love it, but I don't think we started it until they could both read a bit. Now they are 11 and 14 they often set the clues for each other (taking a day in turn).

Shemozzle Sun 30-Oct-16 14:41:50

Blimey, this post is 7 years old! I've bought ready done fillers from eBay.

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