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Right then you lot, i NEED your help!

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MilkNoPoisonPlease Tue 03-Nov-09 23:22:02

I am rapidly runnin out of ideas for smas presents for the kids i look after...any ideas MUCH appriciated

-H,Girl,10 years-quite grown up for her age, doesnt like any charactoer stuff like hannah moncraptana!

-R,Girl,14- Very grown upo into clothes, topshop stuff-esque

-P,Boy,10-into clothes but has waay to many!

-C,boy, 15 months

-J,girl,8 months

Think ive sorted all the other ones!

Dont want to really spend more then £10, cant do Ebay as no paypal but can buy online!


MilkNoPoisonPlease Tue 03-Nov-09 23:22:43

£10 each btw....alghough if you can do £10 for all put together i will be VERY impressed

bellavita Wed 04-Nov-09 06:22:02

10 - bubble bath/shower set - I used to hope and pray I would get stuff like that at christmas when I was 10.

14 - does she have an I-Pod? - I-Tunes voucher, or even a Top Shop voucher, she is bound to be able to put it towards something.

10 - Guinness Book of Records (DS12) loves getting this every year.

15 & 8 months - noooooo idea, sorry, tis a long time since I had to buy for babies.

bigcar Wed 04-Nov-09 06:48:48

asda have some of their nice toiletry gift sets on 3 for £10 here click on gifts on the line at the top, nivea lip gloss one went down well with my nieces last year, as do things like impulse spray or shower sets. Ds2 (9) also starting to get into using body sprays, shower gels etc. Vouchers good idea for older girl, way too easy to make the "wrong" choice if buying clothes grin For the younger ones I'd be tempted to for board books (the Works is usually pretty good for cheap ones) or push/pull along toys.

herbietea Wed 04-Nov-09 07:05:03

Message withdrawn

bigcar Wed 04-Nov-09 11:21:23

If P likes reading, my ds1 likes horrible histories. For the los something like this or this or this if you are near an Ikea.

PeachyInCarnivalFeathers Wed 04-Nov-09 19:32:18

Sainsburys- iggle pigle MegaBlocks for babies a fiver (or we paid £2.50 today for ds4- bargain);
girls aged 10 and 14- I would go into accessorise and buyy them a pretty purse each, about £8
boy ten- a watch, plenty under a tenner

PeachyInCarnivalFeathers Wed 04-Nov-09 19:33:37

OOoh- yes ds1 (10 in Dec) likes guinnes book of also, and Ripleys Amaxing facts and is also idolising the Harry Hill TV show book.

BiscuitStuffer Wed 04-Nov-09 21:23:14

Boy 15 months:

push along toy on a stick thing
plastic animal

Book - either 'my first words' (let's get talking) or 'my first things that go' (lets get moving) - discover more at

or one of the Richard Scarry books - cars trucks and things that go

both HUGE hits from this age to at least 3 years old

bath toys

BiscuitStuffer Wed 04-Nov-09 21:27:41

oh and of course a ball! cheapo one from pound shop! or wooden puzzle

Girl 8 months -

Bath toy
Any musical toys from music shop - maracas (can't spell), gazoo (you hum in to it), tamborine, drum, xylophone, bells on a stick etc

Book - My first words (lets get talking) - has fab pictures in and bright colours - they love it)

wooden puzzle

little wind up musical plastic radio

*GALT POP UP TOY* - google it. Will grow in to it v quickly. very popular with the babies.

MilkNoPoisonPlease Wed 04-Nov-09 21:30:38

Ooh you lot are ace!

EVERYTHING i want on sainsburys is sold out !! Grr!

does anywhere else have half price toys?

Def like the purse idea for the girls!

10 yr old isnt the hugest book lover but i would love him to be so i think horrible histories is a good idea...and guiness book of i can read it

ty all!

BiscuitStuffer Wed 04-Nov-09 21:43:28

How about just going to borders / waterstones and getting them all a book

The older two would love a 'where's wally' book!!

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