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Have almost finished DD2 outfit for Xmas Day picture on profile

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eandh Tue 03-Nov-09 20:26:02

Am so pleased - she is going to be 3 just after Xmas but is tiny and didnt want a 'party' dress but did want something pretty and christmassy so has a lovely silver dress (meant to be tunic but its a dress on her and thats aged 1-2!) black bolero and sparkley silver shoes (she loves these) just got to find 18-24month black tights now grin

DD1 has got cream roll neck, black and white checked skirt with patent buckles, cream tights and black boots but is poorly today so hasnt tried it all on yet

TheTerribleSpider Tue 03-Nov-09 21:08:29

Ahh she looks gorgeous! Good work...

Ebay age 2


eandh Tue 03-Nov-09 21:11:19

thanks for the links grin

TheTerribleSpider Tue 03-Nov-09 21:19:05

Next, slight pattern

eandh Tue 03-Nov-09 21:20:54

ordered the next ones to pick up in store they are perfect grin

TheTerribleSpider Tue 03-Nov-09 21:24:45

That's good, she'll look great smile

ja9 Tue 03-Nov-09 23:57:13

very cute

and i LOVE your wallpaper!

sparklycherrybomb Wed 04-Nov-09 00:18:30

oh, eandh, you girls are gorgeous! mine are beautiful too, but i am biased, will put pics on profile now.

eandh Wed 04-Nov-09 09:24:55

ja9 thanks its from wilkinsons only 7.99 a roll and I hung it all by myself whilst dh was at work grin

eandh Wed 04-Nov-09 09:25:25

sparkley - where are the pictures then smilewink

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