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Polly Pocket good idea for 5 year old dd ?

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LilyloovesGuyFawkes Tue 03-Nov-09 12:29:15

Am struggling for ideas

TheBalladofGayTony Tue 03-Nov-09 12:35:02

dd loves polly pocket but i got most of it second hand or dh gets bits in airports on business. tbh she only really plays with the dolls and the clothes most of the other things are plastic tat which falls apart the minute you look at it.

sylvanian families are better if she is into playing with little houses etc.

Marne Tue 03-Nov-09 12:53:16

Dd1 doesn't like Polly pocket (apart from the old style/tiny polly pockets)

Dd1 likes playmobil or sylvanian families.

henryhuggins Tue 03-Nov-09 12:55:38

my 3 love polly pockets - the ones with rubbery clothes and quite fiddly to put on. they are 3 4 and 8

LilyloovesGuyFawkes Tue 03-Nov-09 19:03:46

Am just looking at some on ebay now , they are expensive second hand hmm
May have to rethink

Hulababy Tue 03-Nov-09 19:14:22

My 7y has enjoyed playing with Polly Pocket for he last 3 years or so. She has the ones with the rubbery clothes rather than the magnetic clothes - she prefers the former as she says less fiddly to dress. DD has a few of the bits - car, boat, etc and all hve stood the test of time.

Anther similar product DD likes, even more so than PP, is Animal Hospital. She has a fair few bits now and again they are standing the test of time. Also, handily, they are a very similar size to PP and can be used along side them. DD's PP dolls have cruises on the PP boat and go on safaris in the AH vehicles to see the various animals.

DD also has sylvanian family but these are more expensive and TBH DD plays with PP more. The SF do look nicely generally - not quite so bright and brash plastic - but that is a gron up view point, rather than a 5y old grin I actually think that I wish we'd gone for Playmobil rather than SF in hindsight.

Clary Tue 03-Nov-09 23:13:54

ahh that's interesting hula

A colleague of mine promotes Sylvanian families to me but they seem v v expensive for what they are.

Polly Pocket vg for 5yo yy. OP surely £10 will buy you a good set? (not sure on yr budget of course).

Agree with hula you want the rubber clohtes not magnetic soemthign liek this

MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Tue 03-Nov-09 23:18:12

Hope so because I just bought some for my DD (4) and DN (4.7) for Xmas.

They are currently in Sainsburys for half price.

notnowbernard Tue 03-Nov-09 23:20:26

DD1 likes Polly Pocket but unfortunately Henry the Hoover likes it MORE...

frazzled74 Wed 04-Nov-09 00:31:32

dd6 didnt really take to polly pocket, but loves puppies/kitties in my pocket and animal hospital stuff. bought betty spaghetti dolls for my neice 5 last month and she loves them.

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