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If you could do anything with your dcs this Christmas...

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Msjudge Mon 02-Nov-09 21:18:35

I have a few days over Christmas and I want to do something really lovely with my two dcs (6 & 4).

I am limited with regards to doing traditional family stuff because my own family isn't really about and I'd like to take them somewhere that we might all have a memorable and happy time together.

Their dad will be taking them for a few days after Christmas to his parents and I know that they will have a fab time there and it will be very family oriented and traditional smile

Since this will be our first Christmas since separating it is all a bit new and I don't want it to be sad for anyone. sad I am hoping we can spend Christmas day together (x-dh, dcs, me) at least.

Any ideas as to great xmas ideas/events/locations/theatre/arrgh anything?


Panto tickets
Visit santa's grotto somewhere
Ice skating (if any near you)

Leslaki Mon 02-Nov-09 21:35:50

Where do you live?
Book the pantomime for Xmas Eve!
I've booked Breakfast With Santa at Warwick castle which sounds excellent!
Go to London/other big city to look at lights.
Set a special Xmas eve tradition - ours is special new Xmas pyjamas , sprinkling Reindeer food outside and all snuggling down to watch a special Xmas film, this is after polishing some red apples for Rudolph and setting out some snacks etc for the Big Man in Red - on lovely plates the DCs decorated when they were small!

You could go to a local farm which has reindeer and see Santa.

or to a potery type place and let them decrate their own plate to eat their Xmas dinner off - they could also do one for you and their dad which would be lovely in the circumstances.

Hope you ahve a lovely Xmas - it was our 1st one after separating last year and it was much better than expected - XH didn't see them on Xmas Day he had them Boxing day. Kids were so excited they didnt really notice their dad wasn't there!

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