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Gift ideas for girls please

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JANEITEPatrickNormanMcHennesy Sat 31-Oct-09 15:30:21

Dd2 is 12 and dd1 is 14 and neither of them seem to have any idea as to what they may like this year.

DD2 is into art (but has lots of art stuff already, so it would need to be something really special), archaeology, her DS and cuddling up in her PJs!

DD1 is into fashion, art (as above), textiles, fashion history etc.

They have a Wii and MP3 players and last year we bought them a sewing machine to share.

Any ideas much appreciated.

missingthepumpkin Sat 31-Oct-09 15:40:29

give them an experience - a really good day out somewhere arty. Or just Topshop grin. Digital camera.

JANEITEPatrickNormanMcHennesy Sat 31-Oct-09 16:04:55

at Topshop! An experience is a good idea, although we do a fair bit already, so it would need to be something special. Digital camera is a great idea but dd2 bought herself one with her birthday money.

myalias Sat 31-Oct-09 16:13:06

- Concert tickets
- London art fair in January at the business design centre.
- London fashion week 2010.

JANEITEPatrickNormanMcHennesy Sat 31-Oct-09 16:56:00

Thank you. Will look into those.

Any more ideas please, anybody?

iheartdusty Sat 31-Oct-09 20:33:41

polaroid sticker printer here


cinema vouchers

Victoria & Albert Museum events

animated film maker

JANEITEluddite Sun 01-Nov-09 14:27:03

Thank you. They would love a camcorder but aren't they hideously expensive?

herbietea Sun 01-Nov-09 14:35:21

Message withdrawn

teamcullen Sun 01-Nov-09 15:27:53

What about some nice wall art for bedrooms,
DD has some beautiful prints from gorjuss

She is also getting makeup, a makeup mirror, hair dryer and tongs.

woowa Sun 01-Nov-09 15:36:36

knitting lessons

wool (GOOD STUFF - try John Lewis to start with or good local independent shop (not many of them about), plus decent patterns. NO ACRYLIC!!! Just nice pure wool or cashmere.

See for decent make of yarn and patterns. See their Rowan Studio books for up to the minute patterns.


There is some amazing freestyle knitting done in art colleges around the place, knitting is SO cool.

Or, Subscription to Sew Hip magazine - v cool and unusual patterns, and focus on different fabric and pattern designers.

Amy Butler (google her) does BEAUTIFUL fabric and clothes and household patterns

Hope you find them something - i wish i'd discovered how much I love textiles when I was a teenager - took me til 22 to discover the joys of wearing stuff no-one else does.

JANEITEluddite Sun 01-Nov-09 16:03:13

Brilliant - thank you so much for these.

I can't stand The Beatles but dp and the girls would probably love it in a 'retro ironic' way. wink

Wall art is a brilliant idea - I'd already planned to do them both a big framed pic for their rooms, to match their interests (ie fashion pics for dd1 and arty looking stuff for dd2).

DD1 would also love a decent make up mirror.

All the knitting and sewing ideas are fab - dd2, especialliy, really enjoys knitting, although I am so rubbish that I can't help her.

twolittledarlings Sun 01-Nov-09 16:20:49

What about these on the Amazon website. I purchased 3 of the Paper Fashion books for my 2 girls which looks quite good. the reviews are great. Also noticed the following: copy and paste -

These are good for arty girls and any of the Klutz range.

JANEITEluddite Sun 01-Nov-09 17:40:06

They are lovely but they've had them before (and the Klutz ones) and have grown out of them a bit I think now. Might get one for my niece though. Thank you.

JANEITEluddite Sun 01-Nov-09 17:40:39

They are lovely but they've had them before (and the Klutz ones) and have grown out of them a bit I think now. Might get one for my niece though. Thank you.

JANEITEluddite Sun 01-Nov-09 17:40:59


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