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is it selfish to be tempted to have christmas just us?

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myermay Sat 31-Oct-09 14:12:53

We have always had christmas at my parents with my sisters, grandparents etc.

Since having the kids we get visited by inlaws then off to my parents where kids get more presents and we stay for the whole of christmas day/night.

This year will be different as my parents are seeing my brother overseas for christmas, my sister has invited us to hers & BIL(she has no kids), but when i agreed and said that we won't spend the night we'll stay and then leave early evening to get the kids home to their toys she suggested that they come to us, however i really fancy having it just me, kids and dh this year - but i have feeling it's going to really hurt her feelings and she'll be bored senseless if she's not around our kids - she's a fab auntie.

So, i know that christmas is a time for families but i would have grandparents and sister over on christmas eve or boxing day but is it weird and incrediably selfish to want it to ourselves this year. I know if they all come to me i will be playing host allday but what i really want is to play and enjoy our kids.

Is it just like a Sunday with toys having christmas day without visitors? we will have inlaws and my sisters over in the morning to exchange presents.

Would love to hear if you've chosen to spend christmas day without a house full of family and how was it?

Marne Sat 31-Oct-09 15:57:37

We are spending our first x-mas with out having family over and i can't wait grin, i'm looking forward to not spending the day in the kitchen, cooking and making drinks. My day will pop over for an hour later in the day but apart from that we will have a nice day relaxing and playing with toys.

RTKangaMummy Sat 31-Oct-09 16:17:02

Last year we went to the Maldives for Christmas and New Year and it was deffo brill ~ it was the first christmas that we had spent DH Kangaboy and me

It was weird but we really enjoyed the non stress of it all

We always have Boxing day alone as we call it lego and PJs day

Kangaboy gets to build his new lego and we stay in PJs

Although his lego sets now take about a week to build as they have over 2,000 pieces in them.

I think you should deffo have the day to yourselves with children and toys


ApuskiDusky Sat 31-Oct-09 18:01:04

We have spent Christmas on our own, but only when we were confident that everyone else would be having a nice time too. So eg. if my brother and his family were not going to be with my parents, I would want to be.

In your situation I'd be worried about leaving your sister to entertain your grandparents, on the one year your parents aren't around. I wouldn't choose this year to do my own thing tbh, with your parents away.

bitofadramaqueen Sat 31-Oct-09 19:27:11

I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to spend Christmas on your own, but if I was your sister I might be a bit miffed that you accepted an invitation to go to theirs but after she suggested they come to yours you then decide you want to be on your own IYSWIM.

myermay Sat 31-Oct-09 20:05:27

thanks everyone, so far no plans were definate, she just said maybe you can come to our and i answered, "if we did then etc etc" so nothing has really been planned iyswim.

But yes i was also worried as it's the one year my parents are away that i'd be leaving them in the lurch. However my parents go away every other christmas now. I would invite them for boxing day though

Thanks for all your advice

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