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What would your 12 y/o boy like for Christmas?

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Takver Wed 28-Oct-09 13:24:14

Need to find a good present for a 12 year old boy - not into football, and between him & his big bro they have so many books/computer games that I think I'd only duplicate. Any ideas - would rather not give money or a voucher . . . but they get so grown up when they go to secondary school that it gets hard!

Takver Wed 28-Oct-09 16:52:04


thegirlwiththecurl Wed 28-Oct-09 16:56:59

my first thought was money (I have a 13yr old who just loves cash!!)
What about a magic set - you can get some quite sophisticated ones. My son loved the one he got last year. DS is also into any gimmicky thing from harpers Bazzaar - I think they have a website. Hope that helps!

thegirlwiththecurl Wed 28-Oct-09 16:57:45

duh - Hawkins Bazaar!!!!!

herbietea Wed 28-Oct-09 16:58:32

Message withdrawn

Takver Wed 28-Oct-09 16:59:49

Magic set sounds like a good idea (I think for family politics reasons which I won't go into it can't be cash) - will also try the Bazaar, hadn't thought of that - at least we have plenty of time!

eyetunes Wed 28-Oct-09 17:00:14

I am sure you could find something fun on the website or also

Takver Wed 28-Oct-09 17:01:50

Hmm, will also try & find out if he has an MP3 player - I think Itunes would be ok as not involving any going out to the shops

Takver Wed 28-Oct-09 17:03:51

Aha, hadn't seen iwantoneofthose - gadgets look like the way to go!

cat64 Wed 28-Oct-09 17:03:53

Message withdrawn

Sherbert37 Wed 28-Oct-09 19:47:22

I have just ordered an animation set from Gadget Shop website. Should be £50 odd but selling at £14.99. It looks good for DCs of this age who are into computer games. It was mentioned in the Money Saving Expert weekly email and there are details on their site too. Reviews are good. Type 'animation' into the Gadget Shop search (sorry, can't do links).

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 28-Oct-09 19:54:03

iTunes voucher.
It would be so easy for you try sooooo hard but just not get it right. ( no offence meant whatsoever!)

he will really like choosing on iTunes.

teamcullen Wed 28-Oct-09 22:54:57

oooh sherbert- Ive just ordered one of those... great minds think alike.

also ordered the tomy air guitar

ticket master are doing gift vouchers.

remote control helicopters or this

mysteryfairy Thu 29-Oct-09 09:28:32

I was in a gadget shop with my 12 yr old DS2 (he turns 13 next month) and he pointed out breo watches as being a big thing at his school - he says nearly everyone has one (i.e. a small but significant minority of boys in his class based on past experience).

We have ongoing issues with losing watches and being late for things in our house (have DS1 14yrs as well) so I will be getting them each one of these as a cheap and cheerful option

breo watch £9.99

Sherbert37 Thu 29-Oct-09 10:13:42

Mysteryfairy - those watches look good. Which style is 'in' (like the look of the new black one)?

Takver Thu 29-Oct-09 11:11:38

The glow in the dark one is cool, too - I remember having a see-through Swatch in the 80s, and thinking it was the bees knees, this looks like a modern equivalent.

Herecomesthesciencebint Thu 29-Oct-09 23:09:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cat64 Fri 30-Oct-09 10:54:24

Message withdrawn

mwahahamwahahallyroger Fri 30-Oct-09 11:00:37

my ds is 12 at xmas. he wants a retro 60s biker leather jacket he has seen in a vintage shop grin
He wants a new skateboard deck
Anything animation-y based
cinema vouchers
'cool' long sleeved shirts from H&M
Anything gothy.

Takver Fri 30-Oct-09 12:11:30

I think your 12 y/o is much cooler than my relative mwahaha grin

cookinmama Fri 30-Oct-09 12:21:22

I am getting my ds (12), also into computer games and books, some of the science museum stuff. Got him some last year and he loves it. Think you can get it from hawkins bazaar or amazon.

mysteryfairy Fri 30-Oct-09 14:17:56

Hi Sherbet - DS2 didn't specify which watch was cool in the shop or if he did I'd stopped paying attention.

I can confidently say that DS1 will want a neon pink one.

I hadn't thought as far as DS2 but I like the sounds of glow in the dark...

mwahahamwahahallyroger Fri 30-Oct-09 15:05:17

Tarkva, just fallen in love with your life, (nosying at your profile...)

Curiousmama Fri 30-Oct-09 15:05:58

Sherbert37 thanks so much for the idea about the animation set...I've just ordered it for ds2 he'll love it grin

<sorry for hijack Takver>

Curiousmama Fri 30-Oct-09 15:06:54

meant ds1. DS2 is into hotwheels...wanted a hotwheels set instead of a ds grin

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