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Would it be really bad to give 6mth old DS2 old toys of DS1's for christrmas?

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Phoenix Fri 23-Oct-09 20:53:41

We've got thousands of toys that we kept from when DS1 was a baby and can't think of anything that we really need for DS2 that we haven't already got. We'll get him clothes and pj's but i really don't want more toys.

SCARYspicemonster Fri 23-Oct-09 20:56:21

Oh God no! A baby will be perfectly happy with a bit of shiny paper. You could probably carry on wrapping up the old stuff next year too

Phoenix Fri 23-Oct-09 21:21:24

Oooh good . We've got a V-Tech walker that would be perfect for him then, a ride on car plus loads more

mylovelymonster Fri 23-Oct-09 21:32:38

Sounds perfect

ChasingSquirrels Fri 23-Oct-09 21:34:43

v sensible.

the only issue may be is ds1 believes in FC, you want him to continue to do so, and he would definately recognise the toys as his.

frightstick Fri 23-Oct-09 21:35:22

I'm having the same dilemma. Everybody keeps asking what he wants and I can't think.

Phoenix Fri 23-Oct-09 21:39:44

I just said that to dh Squirrel. I know Ds1 will say 'that's mine' but we'll have to think of some bullshit nice christmas story to tell him

EVye Sat 24-Oct-09 08:34:19

Definitely give old toys to DS2 but you need to give them as gifts from DS1 and you really. Then perhaps get a new outfit, or something, from Santa, so that DS1 doesnt think Santa has forgotten DS2

overmydeadbody Sat 24-Oct-09 08:44:19

Of course it wouldn't be really bad.

He's a baby, he wouldn't know, and you might as well start now and you might be lucky enough to never have to buy him new toys grin

Mass consumerist is only good for the companies, not better for us or our children.

overmydeadbody Sat 24-Oct-09 08:46:27

Just tell DS1 that Santa likes to recycle old toys. Get him to pack up all his baby toys in a box and leave them for Santa's helpers to collect a few weeks before christmas, then Santa brings them back for DS2.

Phoenix Sat 24-Oct-09 13:15:20

Thats a good idea OverMyDeadBody, thanks

mumeeee Sat 24-Oct-09 14:58:07

That seems very sensible. We did this when our children were small. We never had a problem with the other children thinking that FC had forgotten the baby. This was because we always told them that FC only bought the stocking presants eveything else was from us and othet people.

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