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what are going to be top childrens gifts this year?

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sunnyshine Thu 22-Oct-09 07:49:33

Anyone know? i was just wondering if a list came out?

abgirl Thu 22-Oct-09 14:01:31

I think there's a list on

sunnyshine Tue 27-Oct-09 18:57:17

thanks! nothing on there for any of mine!! too much bratz and hsm for me!!

ProfessorLaytonIsMyZombieSlave Tue 27-Oct-09 19:06:37

DS definitely wants an Omnitrix, which is on the list.

sunnyshine Tue 27-Oct-09 19:27:05

need to get buying now then!!! seems like a rubbish list to me!et they get it all wrong!

Jux Tue 27-Oct-09 19:27:32

DD is unlikely to want any of them until she goes back to school in Jan and they're all talking about them. Meanwhile, she wants a DSi hmm. She'll be lucky.

VulpusinaWilfsuit Tue 27-Oct-09 19:36:01

layton Pandora's box for DS.

We have already finished it though blush

sunnyshine Tue 27-Oct-09 19:36:14

jux, ay least they might be cheap in the sales! no cheap dsi going though! have been looking too!

Jux Wed 28-Oct-09 18:51:02

I haven't even looked. There's absolutely no way on earth we could afford it if it was over £20!

Marne Wed 28-Oct-09 19:57:18

Go Go hamsters have already sold out in most shops.

Dd;s are getting the hamsters and some sylvanian families (not the boat).

Lilyloooohhhh Wed 28-Oct-09 20:41:35

I read the ramses lego pyramid game is going to be a big seller this year!

sunnyshine Thu 29-Oct-09 00:18:01

i goot a go go hamster a few weeks back! they are not even on top 10 list! havent bought asnything to goo with it so it can just run around my house!

LilyloovesGuyFawkes Mon 02-Nov-09 13:15:36

list here
Have heard the gogo hamsters are getting hard to get things for already.
Have told my dad to get the lego game for ds hope he get's it soon...

MintyCane Mon 02-Nov-09 13:33:58

I saw people buying armfuls of those hamsters in toys r us at the weekend they were taking them straight out of the packing boxes before they even got to the shelves.

LilyloovesGuyFawkes Mon 02-Nov-09 14:36:45

sad think they will end up on ebay at ridiculous prices then!!!!

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