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Devastated: Harrods grotto "sold" out. Family tradition broken - anyone have spare tickets?

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IlanaK Mon 19-Oct-09 20:20:40

We have been to Harrods grotto every year for the last 5 years and have pics of all the kids on Santa's lap. It is part of our family christmas tradition.

I missed the opening of the ticket bookings this year and they are now booked out.

If anyone has any spare tickets that I can have (one adult and 3 kids), I would be eternally grateful.

kees Wed 13-Oct-10 20:50:51

I have the exact tickets you need! 23rd December at 4.30pm. Any good?

brimfull Wed 13-Oct-10 20:54:51

op posted this last oct '09

bythepowerofMN Wed 13-Oct-10 20:56:15

I went online to do this as well and NADA...I used to get an email around August but seems they don't do this anymore...

If anyone has 2 ads and 3 kids going I will have (any day)please

kees Fri 19-Nov-10 15:18:47

Thanks ggirl I only just noticed the date! I only have 1 adult and 3 children sorry bythepowerofMN

gemmawest Mon 29-Nov-10 20:45:21

I also missed out on getting tickets to take my daughter along! Anyone have one adult and one child tickets spare?!

brookeslay Tue 30-Nov-10 10:54:19

I might have some spare for this friday 2 adults one child.

gemmawest Tue 30-Nov-10 15:50:40

That would be perfect if you do have spare tickets!!!
Would it be possible to get them somehow?
Thanks a million, I was getting very desperate!

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