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shyandmighty Mon 12-Oct-09 11:46:25

Has anyone else used the German site
I managed to order a Wii console last year with some help from this site. Arrived OK and was completely fine and very reasonably priced.
Needing to order the Wii Fit Balance Board but have forgotten how!
All helpers most welcome. Thanks

Hassled Mon 12-Oct-09 11:52:46

Open up in another tab - then go through the process switching between the two so you can follow what you're doing. It does match completely. I've ordered a lot of stuff this way (when oldest was living in Berlin).

OR gatecrash the Living in Germany/German speakers thread - I've done this a few times and they're an incredibly helpful bunch.

shyandmighty Mon 12-Oct-09 12:31:54

Wow! Fantastic idea Hassled, thanks very much. Will get on to it straight away,

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