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Fun ways to keep pressie costs down

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flowerpot83 Sun 11-Oct-09 15:51:04

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas of ways to keep xmas pressie costs down, but to still keep it fun and interesting...

Last year, myself & DH set a budget and got each other:

Something to wear
Something to eat
Something to do
Something to read
And something else I can't remember...!!

I've heard of people setting a budget and then getting the most presents possible for that amount....

Does anyone else do anything different in their families/couples?

Helen x

DLI Sun 11-Oct-09 19:32:59

i have a gift bag for each person i have to buy for (except ds cos his never fit in a gift bag) and set a budget of about £20-£25 each person. i then just buy bits and pieces as and when i see them, i buy boots 3 for 2 offers as you get a pesent for someone and it didnt cost you anything for it. by doing it that way people get more presents. it usually along the likes of something you wear, you eat, you use (eg a mug and keyring) and smellies,

kimlouiseb Wed 14-Oct-09 16:56:51


We've been doing secret santa as a family (just the adults - my brothers and sisters in law) for a few years with a set budget, where everyone produces a wishlist and whoever draws them chooses items from their wishlist.
(We found that before we started doind secret santa the expense was just getting ridiculous and we were all ending up with presents we didn't like/never got used.)

This year I've found this website which is fantastic. It is completly free and does everything for you. You just add everyones names, set budget and draw date and it will email everyone with invitation and then draw the names randomly for you. It is an amercian site so all the gifts in the gift section are american, but they're not necessary anyway. You can set up your own individual wishlist with items you like (and don't like) and weblinks if you want.

You can also ask each other questions via the website and suggest items for other people.
You also get a HOHOHO score which goes up everytime you ask a question, add item to wishlist etc and can compete against the other group members.

We've just signed up and its really good. Would definitely recommend it for anyone thinking of doing a secret santa for family or work.
The only drawback is that you really need to have access to internet and email.

bogie Wed 14-Oct-09 17:06:03

For the kids I get the biggest box I can fine and fill it with balloons, they always love that and it's a really big prezzie so they get excited (obv this only works untill they are about 4-5).

Tk maxx is good for random bits I made a hamper for mil from there food bits, really strange bits that you can't get in normal shops but the items were all about 2.99 each.

I also get dp stocking fillers from again because they are quite unique and not that expensive.

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