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Need ideas for presents for a 4 year old boy..who already has a LOT.

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punchandjudy Fri 02-Oct-09 19:45:40

Both grandparents are asking for ideas and I don't have a clue! Ds says he wants everything he sees in every commercial hmm so I'm struggling for proper ideas. He has just had a bike for his birthday and already has a scooter, so those naturally 'big' presents are gone.

Any ideas? What are you getting your 4 year old?

screamingskull Fri 02-Oct-09 19:52:37

watching with interest in same position lol

amazing how they want everything though regardless if boys/girls grin

jackieOpaperLANTERN Fri 02-Oct-09 19:54:12

ds is 5 & he wants
more lego
oh and a hornby train set!!

SleepingLion Fri 02-Oct-09 20:04:03

Playmobil? The sort of present where people can spend quite a lot or not so much according to what they can afford and sets can be added to on other occasions.

ninja Fri 02-Oct-09 20:06:20

money towards something for the garden that'll last for ages (trampoline ....)

andlipsticktoo Fri 02-Oct-09 20:09:21

hotwheels loop the loop track

all certain favourites with my 3 boys

Sibble Fri 02-Oct-09 20:10:59

ds got a worm farm! great combo worms, dirt and digging plus something we have to do together (or rather dh and him I hate worms)

punchandjudy Fri 02-Oct-09 20:14:52

I like the idea of something to do together.

What sort of games are out for 4 year olds? Board games I mean.

Sibble Fri 02-Oct-09 20:30:00

my ds's have hungry hippos, diego and spiderman find the pairs, Bob the builder snakes and ladders (giant one on a mat), frustration (but it's got a new name now - better when they turn 5 as you have to count for them and it can take forever and the older ds gets impatient) heaps of others but those are the favourites at the moment

oldraver Thu 22-Oct-09 18:54:41

Ive bought DS who is is 4 in January

Several lots of Imaginext (prices start from £10)

Roary Cars, playset and tent (most bough half price)

Pop Up Pirate

Camera (from the GP's who live abroad)

Several books

piscesmoon Thu 22-Oct-09 19:10:49


salbysea Thu 22-Oct-09 19:14:03

vouchers for:

soft play
ceramics cafe
a local zoo/farm/aquarium

or pay for a course of:

horse riding

EVye Thu 22-Oct-09 20:37:20

board games
Monopoly Junior is great
Clue Jnr too.
Anything by Orchard toys games good too.

Recommend playmobil.

littlemisschatalot Thu 22-Oct-09 21:55:33

we rae in same position, and are thinking more along the lines of a bag for his footie boots (ds is 5), horseshoe magnet,bug hunting kit, kerplunk, mouse trap game, magnifying glass, lego power miners....try, they have some unusual ideas.

jkklpu Thu 22-Oct-09 21:57:32

crazy chefs and insey winsey spider game (Orchard toys)

overmydeadbody Thu 22-Oct-09 22:00:46

Traffic jam game?

My DS would love a pass or vouchers for the local soft play centre, I never take him as I hate it and use the excuse that it is too expensive, and with it being winter it would be a pretty good present.

Or how baout asking them to put the money in his trust fund?

Heated Thu 22-Oct-09 22:07:13

PopUp Pirate
Manic Martians
Orchard Toys games
Connect 4
Hungry Hippos
And at 4.5 getting to that stage of liking action figures.

raspberrytart Tue 27-Oct-09 22:13:12

Marble run?

pugsandseals Thu 29-Oct-09 15:24:40

Another vote for playmobil here! We bought DD the house for her 4th xmas & have added lights & extensions etc. She is 7 & still plays with it all now!

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