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What would you put in a 3.5yo DD stocking?

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NightShoe Wed 30-Sep-09 19:21:26

I have got DD's main present so now I just start thinking about her stocking. She has moved out of toddler toys since last christmas and I'm now stuck as to what she would love at this age now she is a 'big girl' as she keeps telling me. Help?

Karam Wed 30-Sep-09 19:30:01

My DD (almost 3, but quite grown up) would like...

Dressing up bits (tiaras, earrings, shoes etc...)

Jigsaw puzzles

Simple games

Cheap DVDs (like disney princess stories etc..)

Sticker books

Cereal that she's not normally allowed (Frosties this year!)

Pants / Socks / clothes she needs ...


NightShoe Wed 30-Sep-09 19:46:41

Thanks Karam, I love the cereal idea!

nimbs Wed 30-Sep-09 22:06:41

DD1 is 3 1/2 she'll be getting
jigsaw puzzle
bubble bath - disney princess shaped!
flannel/toothbrush - novelty ones
pretend jewellery - from sainsbury's got 25% off at the moment
slipper socks
little puppy in pocket toys
hairbrush & slides/bands
my little pony toy
prob more that i can't remember blush

so basically lots of bits and pieces - picked up them over the year as I've seen them

nimbs Wed 30-Sep-09 22:07:34

oops - forgot obligatory orange and also chocs!!

Karam Wed 30-Sep-09 22:10:35

Must confess that the cereal idea is not mine. I ripped it off someone else from on this site last year... but it is a big present, so uses up lots of space and was one of my DDs best presents last year!! So thank you to whoever gave me that idea last year grin

cherrymonster Thu 01-Oct-09 11:12:03

and bubbles and chocolate coins!

Eddas Thu 01-Oct-09 22:06:06

I put in a lot of practical thingsblush but mixed with a few nice bits and choccie. But dd (now 5) now likes getting them! They get a toothbrush and some bubble bath(novelty ones that I wouldn't normally buy) socks/vest/knickers. Maybe hairbands, or a glittery purse or something and a few things like last year I got them both a bendy man thing-a-me, she also got a kaleidoscope.

I've been picking bits up at bootfairs this year as dd loves anything small, sparkley and girly!

I think I might get some gogo's too as they're very 'in' at school atm.

snice Thu 01-Oct-09 22:10:06

My DCs have always liked to get a packet cake mix for cupcakes or brownies etc in their stocking. Always have Coco Pops too as only allowed at Christmas and holiday.

I always recommend a whoopee cushion on these threads too!

ja9 Thu 01-Oct-09 22:22:58

also novelty (or pretty) child's cutlery been a big hit here...

PictureThis Thu 01-Oct-09 22:27:42

DD is almost 3 and she'll get a harmonica (am I mad!?), kaleidoscope, hair slides, toothbrush, slipper socks, crayons, colouring book, bubble bath, a couple of wooden toys, chocolate money, satsuma, and a Peppa Pig annual. Right - now I feel like I'm on the Generation Game grin

teamcullen Thu 01-Oct-09 22:43:56

Play doh

Drawing things

Cake/cookie mix (asda do lovely tubs of cookie dough with cutter for about£1.50)

Chocolate coins


Play make up



Lindt Santa

New plate, bowl and cup set

Bibithree Thu 01-Oct-09 22:52:33

DD had just turned 4 last Christmas and she had

a small torch
a chocolate snowman
bag of chocolate 'treasure' (coins)
some pencils and a small pad
new toothbrush
a toy car

all very small things. hth.

Flum Thu 01-Oct-09 23:01:39

A CD (MIka which she loves)
A book or 2
Plastic tat jewellery
bubble bath
a tape measure
a torch
new knickers
a toothbrush
Polly pocket tat from NCT NNSale
Dolls house furniture
loads sweets too
probably something peppa pig too

NightShoe Sat 03-Oct-09 02:50:14

Thank you for all the further replies, some great ideas in there which I will be using. She loves to cook, so the cookie/cake mix will go down well. I like the CD idea too as she has recently started syaing she likes songs on the radio, so maybe a girly children's pop CD (as opposed to Lily Allen who she currently likes hmm)

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