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What are you buying your 5-6 year old dd's?

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Marne Wed 30-Sep-09 13:50:08

I havn't got a clue what to get dd1, she already has a huge playmobil collection which i don't really want to add too, she's not very girly, she would love a Wii but i would rather wait until she is older. What are you buying your 5-6 year olds?

mumof2222222222222222boys Wed 30-Sep-09 14:14:52

i have just bought a soon to be 6 year old a Cath Kidston knapsac for a birthday present.

Will watch this space with interest as christmas is coming.

Anyone any suggestions for books - esp recently published ones as she has a big sister.

Thanks and sorry for slight hijack!

threetinytots Wed 30-Sep-09 14:38:37

DD1, who will be 5 in Jan is getting a new scooter for christmas and the sylvanian families pleasure boat for her birthday. If you have lots of playmobil already though, you won't want to add sylvanians to the mixture! What about a CD player/MP3 player? We got the CD player from ELC last year and it is used on a daily basis for HSM CDs and audio books.

spacedog Wed 30-Sep-09 14:42:44

What about Lego?

sarah293 Wed 30-Sep-09 14:47:05

Message withdrawn

vacaloca Wed 30-Sep-09 14:50:13

Digital camera? We got a good second-hand one from ebay. DD just turned 6 and one of her favourite present was a whole load of stationery from Paperchase - really nice sparkly folder, big hardback notebook, highlighters, stickers, etc. She's really not into Barbie/Betty Spaghetti/Princess stuff but a lot of her friends are.

Oh, another favourite present was a CD I compiled for her. Was thinking of maybe getting her an ipod shuffle for Xmas but maybe she's still too young.

vacaloca Wed 30-Sep-09 14:51:06

I also got a Roald Dahl collection from The book House for £16 which she's really enjoying.

Marne Wed 30-Sep-09 17:48:59

She loves lego but we also have a huge collection of it, really she has way too many toys as i buy them a lot from boot sales, we got her a camera last christmas. She loves reading and has a large collection of books, maybe i could get her a book shelve for her bed room.

She likes arty things (drawing, painting, gluing etc..) its just finding the space where she can pain without getting it on the walls grin.

She did ask for a HSM microphone which records your voice? hmm,(someone took one to school for show and tell) not sure what it is really.

Where can i buy a lego set thats not to boyish (not trucks, farm etc..)? All her lego is loose so she would like a set with instructions.

spacedog Wed 30-Sep-09 18:01:48

My DD wants the Lego Police Station (as do I!), it's fab. The Indiana Jones sets look good too, as do Star Wars. About 50 pounds though for the Police Headquarters. They do a girly raange too, called Bellville, pink house and horse with stable. There is also a City corner you can get which is a bus, Pizza restaurant, bus shelter. They don't seem to do much female-orientated stuff.

Wheelybug Wed 30-Sep-09 18:06:15

dd will be 5 in january and I am seriously thinking of getting her an ipod shuffle for christmas or birthday as she loves music and means she can listen to it in the car etc and we can have the radio on.

Not sure what else yet....

MrsMonkfishToYou Wed 30-Sep-09 18:08:31

My DD is quite girly and I've got her some Barbie DVDs and PC games from ebay and today in Tesco I got her the Tinkerbell DS game which was half price at £10, bargain!

Does your DD have a DS? Mine loves hers although I suppose they are still quite pricey.

madwomanintheattic Wed 30-Sep-09 18:15:54

guitar hero lol...

we're full to the brim with pink plastic and every book under the sun (two older sibs and a scholastic/ amazon habit to feed) so that's my final option. grin

a couple of years ago we bought one of the lego houses and loads of extras - quite cool as it gives you the design for the main bit, but of course you can chop and change and design your own.

we too own the world's supply of playmobil, it doesn't stop them asking for more though... they all love it. smile

reikizen Wed 30-Sep-09 18:21:56

I think I'm getting a bike for dd1 this christmas as I don't want to get her a DS for as long as I can avoid it!

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 30-Sep-09 18:25:21

DSD (6) will be getting a Nintendo DS for her b'day (week before Xmas) and a couple of HSM games for it for Christmas

Marne Wed 30-Sep-09 18:53:05

She would like a ds but i don't think its a great idea, she gets addicted to things too easily (she has Aspergers) which is why we have huge collections of things grin.

TBH we are running out of room, her room is full of playmobil and most of it doesn't get played with as there is only a small space for it on the floor.

She wants Rose petal cottage (or shop) but i have told her she will have to wait until we move to a bigger house as we just don't have the room.

She would love the lego house (so would i) grin.

izzybiz Wed 30-Sep-09 18:57:23

My 5yo Dd is really into pop music and singing at the moment, I am toying with the idea of a kids karaoke machine and some CD's!!

I may regret it!!! hmm

Karam Wed 30-Sep-09 19:26:26

We've gone for the Wii option. We've restricted the games we've bought for her to the HSM / Hannah Montana games.

My mum is getting her a 1st generation ipod shuffle (reconditioned ones are only £16 at the apple shops. DH has a reconditioned Iphone and it is like new).

Snow White is out on DVD in October, so someone will get her that.

Other than that, it will be just a few bits like dressing up items, Jigsaw puzzles, we've also got the Roald Dahl books from the book people and stuff like that.

Simplistica Wed 30-Sep-09 19:43:50

Marne ds3 has addiction issues with the DS but it also has a calming effect- bug kick off from ds1 earlier and ds3 happy staring into ds world now. Has its advantages. he'splayinmg bear factory so pretty vetted LOL.

For Christmas he's getting a remote control dinosaur and a lava- style lamp, the similar aged girls I buy for are getting watches.

mumwhereareyou Wed 30-Sep-09 21:19:48

Mine is getting a desk and chair from ebay, as she likesto play school with big sister, also getting Go Go Hamster as won't let her have any real pets in house.

Her birthday is at begining of dec and she is getting little pet shop toys.

family are buying her colouring books and pens and reading books and jigsaws as she is mad about them.

MrsSaxon Thu 01-Oct-09 19:51:12

My DD is 5 in January and we are getting her the rose petal cottage, other family members are getting the bits to go with it.

notquiteagymbunny Fri 02-Oct-09 13:00:48

my dd is 6 and has asked for roller skates, so I think we'll get her those and a big pack of elbow and knee pads grin. Last year we bought her a little wooden desk for her room and she loves that.

PlonkerCandleInAPumpkin Fri 02-Oct-09 13:21:05

My 6yo is getting a bike smile

We will also be getting her some lego and books and I'm toying with the idea of getting her a cheapy MP3 player.

eandh Fri 02-Oct-09 13:41:23

DD1 was 5 a few weeks ago and we have got her a tradiitonal old fashioned wooden desk and chair for her bedroom as she loves drawing etc. I am going to get loads of pens/hardback books etc to wrap and put in her stocking to fill the desk with. She has the pink lego tub (from boots/toys r us) and that has instructions with it to build things (got that for her birthday) tbh I have 2 dd's and they have far too much stuff so going more practical this year

anniemac Fri 02-Oct-09 14:21:57

Message withdrawn

eandh Fri 02-Oct-09 18:11:28

it is similar to this but got a brand new one on ebay for £10!!

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