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General Christmas gifts thread...

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BlingLoving Mon 28-Sep-09 11:45:29

I thought a general good ideas for christmas gifts thread could be useful. We have a LOT of random gifts to buy this year so I've already spent quite a lot of time thinking about gifts that are nice, not too expensive, relatively generic and will travel well (we have to take or send to people in other countries). I thought I'd pass on some of my ideas and ask for yours...

DH has quite a few female cousins/nieces between ages of 13 and 30 so I'm planning to do up little baskets of a selection of apfrom here for each of them.

I'm also planning to buy some pretty retro touches for my mum and MIL from here has lots of great ideas, although delivery is slow so get in there fast. We have quite a few keen gardeners in our family so I particularly like the garden section here

I'm planning to send one or two of these to my SIL.

Please insert all other generic ideas here! I will be back as I still have nephews, sisters,brothers and fathers to buy for!

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