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xmas recipies for gifts

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milknosugarplease Tue 22-Sep-09 12:21:04

in addition to all the kids i look after i often get a little something for their parents, last year i made xmas cakes...this year...?

some ideas please

dont want to do alcahol but would love to do those flavoured oils for 1 of the do i do it?! help!


Grisette Tue 22-Sep-09 12:39:35


milknosugarplease Tue 22-Sep-09 13:08:34

ooh both sound like a fab idea thanks!

do you have a recipe


Grisette Tue 22-Sep-09 13:24:02

google is your friend

IwillalwaysBhere Tue 22-Sep-09 14:12:21

This bicotti was recomended to me, I'm making it this year as gifts

IwillalwaysBhere Tue 22-Sep-09 14:13:06

I'm also going to make these truffles

IwillalwaysBhere Tue 22-Sep-09 14:16:19

This fudge is meant to be gorgeous and easy

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