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Do your children still believe? Oh no, another Christmas thread!

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Rachmumoftwo Mon 21-Sep-09 20:49:25

Do your children still believe in Father Christmas?

If not, what age were they when they stopped?

How did they find out?

overmydeadbody Mon 21-Sep-09 20:51:15

DS has never believed in Father Christmas.

But then I never decieved him about it in the first place.

squilly Mon 21-Sep-09 20:59:31

8 and a half year old dd announced during a recent discussion about Christmas that she doesn't believe in Santa any more. I always thought we'd have a dramatic 'you lied to me about it all' moment, but she's just grown out of it naturally I guess.

To be fair, I never said he was real, I just said that we liked to believe in Santa because it makes Christmas more fun. I always said the choice was down to her.

Now God...she has never believed in God and yet I do and always have. Go figure!

sandyballs Mon 21-Sep-09 21:01:08

My 8.5 year old DDs were discussing christmas earlier today and I was surprised to hear them talking about writing to Father Christmas. I'm chuffed we've got another year of it though.

ReneRusso Mon 21-Sep-09 21:16:24

My 7 yr old definitely still believes. My 9 yr old I'm not sure. She certainly hasn't announced that she doesn't believe but she probably doesn't want to miss out on presents. If she asks me outright I will tell her the truth.

MillyMollyMoo Fri 25-Sep-09 19:11:36

9 year old doesn't and didn't alst year, the 7 year old does and I want another year out of her and my 5 year old, I suspect once the middle one knows that will be the end of it.
Thank god, I want a thank you hug instead of the bearded man in John Lewis.

cornsilk Fri 25-Sep-09 19:13:28

My 11 year old has decided he is a born again believer when I told him I couldn't afford the Lego Death Star.

Lilyloo Fri 25-Sep-09 20:25:05

I am so pleased we haven't had any doubts as of yet from 7 year ds , tentative smile another year would be lovely!!

cherrymonster Sun 27-Sep-09 12:27:06

mine all believe, even ds1 who will be 11 in march. mainly because there are some websites i go on at xmas and they get to track santa on the norad site on xmas eve. last year we had a video site which looked like santa actually talking to them abut what they wanted, i will have to see if i can find it again this year

PurplePillow Sun 27-Sep-09 12:33:04

To track santa here For santa talking here

My dd is nearly 10 and still believes.....just I think And the tooth fairy still comes too grin

cherrymonster Sun 27-Sep-09 12:35:36

purple the talking link doesnt work

PurplePillow Sun 27-Sep-09 12:44:24

Oh crap blush

Saved it in my favourites last year and just copied link.

Will have a look see and try and find it grin

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Sep-09 12:44:46

I posted a couple of days ago that dd confessed to me that she doesnt believe in Father Christmas or the tooth fairy and she hasnt for a year and a half. I said that we will still play the game if she wants us to (and of course she does). I suspect that conversation will not be mentioned again and we will both pretend

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Sep-09 12:45:32

oops - dd is 9 so would have been 7 or 8 when she stopped

tootiredtothink Sun 27-Sep-09 12:49:48

Dd finally got me to admit last year that he might not be real after allsad - she was still a baby of 9.10.

Thankfully, she still managed to get into the magic of it all - made easier I guess as her db was 3.10.

It doesn't seem to have affected her enjoyment - I guess she was ready to know the truth.

I was still getting a little pile of pressies from Santa while I lived at home and no doubt I'll do that too.

PurplePillow Sun 27-Sep-09 12:50:00

Can't find a working site for talking santa yet (will keep trying) but I think maybe closer to christmas the link may work, after all he will be really busy just now!gringringrin

Buda Sun 27-Sep-09 12:58:42

DS is 8 and he still believes I think although I suspect that some of his friends at school may not so he may find out the truth soon. I hope not. Really want another year of it.

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